The 7 Best Apple Watch Golf Apps

With the large presence of smart-watches and smartphones, avid golfers looking to get their fill of the game will surely benefit from having the best golf apps on devices. From wanting to know the correct yardage to the target, to tracking your round-to-round stats, to finding and booking quick discount tee-times, there is a host of golf apps available to serve any part of the game. If you’re an Apple Watch user, you are in luck.  Below we have our top pick for Apple Watch golf apps, and further down we have our in depth research to help you really narrow down your pick!

Our Top Pick

Golf Logix Plus App

Our Favorite Apple Watch Golf App

Almost every course in the world available, Accurate GPS, Full Color 3D course maps – Need we say more?  This is our favorite app on the Apple Watch!

One of the greatest features about the app is once you install, you get a free trial of the Plus membership features!  The app is super accurate and will really help you dial in your distances!

Our Research and Findings

If you’re keen on improving your golf game, we think every golfer should have a GPS rangefinder, scorecard, tee-time booking and swing-tracking app. Having crucial data about your game in the palm of your hand, as well as being able to quickly lock that tee-time at your preferred course will elevate your overall golf experience. 

Below, we have reviewed the best golf apps for your Apple iPhone and Apple Watch that help you get the best out of your golf adventures!

The Best Apple Watch Golf Apps

1. GolfLogix Golf GPS + Putt Line - Best Overall Apple Watch Golf App

Free Features:

  • GPS & Distance Tracker
  • 3D Navigation of the golf course
  • 3D green maps
  • Digital Scorecard

Premium Membership Features:

  • Putt Line – putt reading feature
  • Approach View
  • Adjust Pin Position for every green
  • Club Tracking feature

The Details:

Over 35,000 worldwide golf courses, pro-level stats tracking abilities, tee-time booking, accurate GPS distances, full-color 3D course maps and many other fantastic features to help your game. This is what you get with the GolfLogix Golf GPS + Putt Line app, and it is one of the most popular and user-friendly golf apps available. 

After installing the app, you get a free trial of two rounds where you get to use all of the Plus Membership features. You certainly won’t be disappointed. After the trial, you’ll find other advanced features that can be purchased in-app such as the Approach Shot View, and Putt Line. Putt Line basically provides you aim assistance to perfectly align yourself to the correct break on the greens. Armed with the GPS technology, it also features proximities and target points accurate to within inches. Approach Shot features 3D rendering of the green mapping out contours, hazards, and accurate yardages to different spots around the green. It provides an appealing visual that is read easily. 

The newest version of the app also features an Official Tournament Mode where 3D fairway maps depict the wholes, green map books and the Putt Line feature. It also tracks your scores and your rounds’ statistics so you can understand areas of weaknesses and strengths in your game.


GolfLogix is one of the most downloaded golf apps for the Apple Watch for good reason. The Free Trial gives you a taste of the features, but afterwards you have to pay subscription fees to use most of its premier features.

2. Golfshot: Golf GPS + Tee Times - Best Augmented Reality Golf App

Pro Membership Features:

  • Real-time GPS distances to any target: green front, back, hazards, etc.
  • Dynamic 3D flyover previews
  • Augmented reality from the golfer’s eye
  • Visualization of each hole before you play your round
  • Scorecard feature
  • Detailed statistics tracking with club recommendations based on player’s past performance
  • Booking tee-time

The Details:

Another great golf app worth checking out is Golfshot. What distinguishes this one from the rest is it’s the only golf app that offers augmented reality (AR) on the course. You can now experience the golf course from any different angle because with the 360-degree view feature for every hole on the course. Golfshot is packed with over 45,000 worldwide courses and over 500,000 holes.

There are other features in this app worth mentioning as well. You won’t have to worry about finding tee-times any more, this app has you covered with it’s link to GolfNow. You can easily search, book and find discounts on your tee-times. The app also keeps track of your score for one or for the entire foursome. Stroke-play or stableford systems are offered as well. With a subscription, you also gain access to hundreds of coaching videos from top golf instructors around the world through its association with GolfPlan. This is mainly for your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, but your membership will provide you recommended videos based on your skill level and areas where you can improve.


With the AR experience, a player can now have a real-life, real-time view of their shots on every hole. Before your round or before every shot, you can enjoy course flyover previews along with real-time GPS distances. It also tracks key statistics in your game and uses that data to recommend club selections before each shot. All together, this is a premier golf app that allows a player to strategize their round and manage their game with ease.

3. Hole 19 Golf GPS & Scorecard - Most Social Apple Watch Golf App

Free Level Features:

  • GPS Rangefinder – accurate distances measured to front, back and green center as well as hazards
  • Digital Scorecard
  • 43,000 Courses with course ratings and reviews
  • Share With Friends – share your scores and golf adventures with friends and other golf enthusiasts on the app
  • Tee-Time Booking

Premium Pro Features:

  • Scoring on your Apple Watch
  • AR – augmented reality for a unique experience on the course
  • Match Play format 
  • Club Recommendation – real-time club suggestions from the app based on player performance
  • Distance Tracker – measures the distance of the last shot
  • Statistics – provides performance stats on every part of your game
  • Auto-Change Hole – the app changes holes automatically when you walk from green to the next tee
  • Highlights – the app provides a showcase of the best shots in all your rounds
  • Notes – jot down important tips and pointers about any holes and courses
  • Premium Maps – enhanced resolution of course maps

The Details:

Hole 19 is another highly acclaimed golf app for the Apple Watch. Compared to the other apps reviewed in this article, Hole 19 likely has one of the highest subscriptions and membership base and we can see why. One thing that makes this app stand out from the rest is the social feature. It is called the ‘Share With Friends’ feature allows you to communicate, share your golf game, compete and connect with other golf enthusiasts who also use the app. 

Another great feature with this app is you can track your own score and your playing partner’s score side by side. After the round you can easily send the results to them. The fairly standard golf app features include digital scorecard, tee-time booking function, and accurate GPS rangefinder. It has access to over 43,000 golf courses in over 200 countries around the world. Most of these features are in the free download version.

The Premium Pro level membership is where is app really pays dividends and is offered in monthly, semi-annual and year subscriptions. Augmented Reality (AR) is also featured in Hole19, giving the player a completely interactive experience. It also recommends clubs for each shot based on your past data and personal performance. Distance Tracker is a unique feature where the app quickly measures the distance of your last shot.  A Match Play feature is also included where you can challenge your friends to play a different more competitive format. Of course, one of the most important features at the premium level is the advanced statistics tracker showing performance in your driving, approach game, short game and putting.


At Premium Pro, the subscription is slightly higher than most other apps but it offers many other features you may find valuable. Although it is a bit more on the expensive side of Apple Watch apps, it has a ton of features to make it worth the price!

4. Golf GPS SwingU - Most Popular Apple Watch Golf App

Free Level Features:

  • GPS rangefinder for accurate distances
  • Digital scorecard
  • Free handicap calculation for three rounds
  • On-course games: stroke play, skins, etc
  • Daily golf instruction tip from a top-100 golf instructor
  • Apple Watch scoring

Looper Level Features:

  • Shot Tracker – measures club distance with club recommendations shot-to-shot during your round
  • GPS distances – 5 targets shown for each approach shot including green front-to-back
  • Real-time wind speed, elevation and adjustment to actual distances
  • Enhanced scorecard and statistics tracking – putts, driving accuracy, bunker play, etc.
  • Various game formats – Stableford, Match Play, Nassau, Syndicates

The Details:

SwingU is another popular one with over 5 million users around the world. This is no surprise since the free-level version gives players so many features including swing tips from top instructors. This app works on virtually every course around the world. As standard, it’s equipped with GPS so every distance given is accurate to within inches. 

Diving in to the Free-Level goodies, one of the beneficial features allows players to store their rounds online. The digital scorecard tracks almost every important metric of your round so you can see your progress throughout the season. It calculates your handicap and also offers on-course games for you and your friends to compete against each other. 

SwingU comes with a two-tier membership. The first one is called the Looper. This level comes with a Shot Tracker function that gives you club recommendations for each shot. A wind speed and elevation correction feature are also included to calculate your adjusted distances. Additional game formats as well as enhanced level statistics are featured at this subscription level.


At the Premium Level, subscribed players get to enjoy the benefits of swing instruction and training. With a library of hundreds of videos from some of the country’s top golf instructors, you’ll gain access to the best swing tips and drills for building your best swing. Monthly personalized training as well as goal setting are included as part of this package. 

As you can see this SwingU has many features over different subscription levels to match your needs. 

5. The Grint - Best Apple Watch Golf App For Stat Tracking

Free Level Features:

  • GPS Rangefinder with over 37,000 courses worldwide
  • Statistics tracker
  • Live Scoring feature for competing with other groups during the round
  • Multiple games formats featured: Stableford, Skins, High & low and others
  • Ryder Cup Format competitions
The Grint Apple Watch App

Pro Membership FeaturesL:

  • Advanced Performance Statistics Tracker
  • Scorecard Picture Service – the app transcribes hole by hole scores after uploading picture of scorecard

The Details:

There are plenty of things that make The Grint stand out as an excellent golf app. First it is a USGA compliant app providing legitimate USGA (United States Golf Association) official handicap for players. It doesn’t get any better than that since these are the standard for entering tournaments. It is packed with many other features spread over three subscription levels guaranteed to improve your game. 

If you register for the handicap level membership, not only can you track your handicap, you can also track your friends’ handicaps to spur motivation among the group. Moving to the Pro Membership level is where you reap the rewards. TheGrint Pro features an advanced statistics tracker that is essential records and provides professional-level statistics for users. 

Of course, as with most golf apps, TheGrint comes with a GPS Rangefinder that is accurate. It provides the basic front, middle and back of the green distances for your shots. Compared to other apps it isn’t the most comprehensive but it still does the job.


Accurate GPS Rangefinder, advanced stat tracking, totally USGA compliant, and a fun handicap tracking system, you can’t ask for much more with a golf App and the Grint delivers!

6. GolfNow Book TeeTimes Golf GPS - Best Value Golf App

The Details:

Sliding over to apps that focus on tee time booking, it doesn’t get any better than GolfNow. It is no surprise GolfNow is used by over 3 million golfers who prioritize booking tee times quickly and finding amazing deals and discounts on green fees. 

GolfNow can help you find tee times for over 6,000 courses worldwide. It is also equipped with GPS Rangefinder to help you navigate your play at over 30,000 golf courses across the world. Players can also see thousands of reviews on courses to help them choose the one they want to play. Information on the course itself is also presented right in front of you as well. It does feature a fairly standard scorecard function. The Rangefinder provides distances to front, middle, back parts of the green, as well as distances to bunkers and hazards.


Players who sign up for the GolfNow GOLFPASS+ membership level can expect to be rewarded the more they play. At this level players earn points on every round, and those points can be translated to discounts for your future golf rounds.  Saving money on golf and being rewarded the more you play?  Sign us up!

7. Golf GPS 18 Birdies Scorecard - Best Free Features in an Apple Watch Golf App

Free Level Features:

  • GPS Rangefinder
  • Automatic Hole Switching – app moves to the next hole as you walk to the next tee
  • Games – For playing your buddies for money and/or bragging rights: Skins, Side Bets, Wolf Dots, etc.
  • Tee Time booking feature
  • Stats Tracking and Round History
  • Sweepstakes – participate in monthly draws for great prizes from rounds of golf to equipment
  • Social Feed – share swing videos and golf milestones with friends and connections around the world
Golf GPS 18Birdies Scorecard Apple Watch App

Premium Level Features:

  • Caddy+ : Personalized club distances and recommendations with elevation change, temperature, humidity, wind and other variables factored
  • Advanced Stats Tracker: Provides a deep dive in your performance with charts and custom filters
  • Shot Tracking: Traces your shot distance, shape, quality and power
  • Blind Shot Compass: Reveals the flag when you can’t see the green
  • Strokes Gained: Helps players find out where they are gaining or losing scores
  • Live Weather Map: gets you ahead of the game preparing for expected weather before your round

The Details:

18Birdies has a community of millions of golfers worldwide who enjoy this app for its game improvement features. In this app, not only do players get accurate GPS distances, they also enjoy the digital scorecard with advanced stats tracker abilities and the ability to book tee times. Perhaps the best feature is at the Premium Level, where players can take advantage of the Caddy+ feature. This gives players club recommendations for upcoming shots based on their stats and past performance, while factoring in existing conditions (wind, temperature, elevation, etc). 

Free level membership gets you a decent number of features giving players a fun experience. The Games feature, along with the prize draw sweepstakes and social feed make this app very interactive.


Upgrading to the Premium Level gives players much more tools for game improvement. It tracks many important statistics that tell players their strengths and weaknesses. The live weather map function is also key to planning your round. Nothing is worse than getting hyped up before a round only to have it rained out.

Apple Watch Golf Apps FAQ

Should I get an Apple Watch?

This is entirely dependent on you. We wrote this article given the rise in smart watches and popularity in the Apple Watch in particular. By getting one of the golf apps above, you will have access to all the game improvement information on the wrist of your hand. And you will be able to use it during your entire round. If you’re fine with less information or features, then a GPS watch or a Laser Scope / Binocular will meet all your distance scoping needs.

Now you may ask if GPS watches can do the same thing as golf apps on the Apple Watch for cheaper. They can provide some of the same functions such as accurate GPS distances for any golf shots and score tracking, but Apple Watch golf apps can also book tee-times, provide visuals and further in-depth performance stats tracking than GPS watches. 

How do I decide which golf app is best for me?

Again, this depends on you and what you’re looking to get out of the game. If you’re simply looking for accurate distance measurements to targets and greens, a simple GPS app is good enough and most of these you can get for free. If you need additional features such as tracking your performance statistics, professional golf instruction, impressive visuals of the holes, ability to book rounds, then one of the apps reviewed above will serve you well. They will provide a comprehensive experience to your round, and reveal parts of your golf game that are both strong and weak.

Should I get the free-level subscription or the premium / pro-level subscription?

Some of the apps we reviewed provide plenty of features at the free-level for a great player experience. You get GPS rangefinders, scorecard entries, handicap calculations and even some golf instruction. These may be good enough for some players, while other players may be watching their budgets closely and may not seek ‘premium’ level content. We do recommend the paid versions of the apps. The advanced features do make the golf experience much more enjoyable. The in-depth stats tracking abilities and golf instructions can improve your game. Think of it as an investment in your hobby.


There are plenty of golf apps available. Above are the best we’ve reviewed for Apple Watch users. Each app has its only strengths and unique functions. It is important to find out what you are looking for in your game, and how one of these apps can fill that need. Budget is also an important consideration since almost all golf apps require monthly or yearly subscriptions for their higher-level memberships. Luckily some of these apps have free-level memberships or trial subscriptions allowing you to test them out. 

Our pick for the best golf app is Hole19. Not only is it a great name, but it is probably the most comprehensive app available. Say goodbye to walking out your distances and ‘visualizing’ your shots by yourself. Accurate GPS distances, tee-time booking, augmented reality, multiplayer scorecard and club recommendations are some of the main features in this app that give everything a golfer needs to improve his/her game.

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