The 9 Best Electric Golf Push Carts (2021 Update)

Tired of carrying your bag, but still love walking the course? Perhaps an electric push cart is what you need. Carrying a bag full of clubs, balls, drinks and snacks can feel heavy and tire out your back. You could even injure yourself too if you’re not careful. Ultimately, this could affect your golf round and your overall enjoyment of the game. For that reason, manufacturers have brought electric and manual push carts in play. For this article we will review only electric push carts. Manual push carts are perfectly fine as well, but we understand if golfers enjoy being completely hands free and prefer not to exert themselves by pushing a cart.

Our in depth research is below, but if you just want an answer up front, fine!  Here it is – The Stewart Golf X9 Follow is our top electric golf push cart.  From its innovative follow technology to its awesome looks, this one checks all the boxes!

Our Top Pick

Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Cart

Best Overall Electric Pull Cart

Ok fine, we admit it, maybe you don’t need to push this one.  It follows you!  With its amazing technology and awesome rechargeable lithium ion battery, this is our top pick!

The Stewart Golf X9 is probably as good as it gets in terms of technology and design. It is sleek and modern and allows golfers to be completely hands off and worry free about their bag. The only catch is it’s one of the most expensive electric push carts available.

Making The Cut

Bat Caddy X8R Electric Golf Bag Cart

A Great Cart With Tons Of Features

Lightweight coming in at only 22 pounds, easy to fold up, and propelled by two 200W motors, this electric caddy gets it all done at a great price, and you don’t need a truck to haul it around!

The X8R has all the features of the cheaper X3R plus additional capabilities making it more robust.  Larger wheels allow this electric caddy to navigate over any terrain with ease.  Torque control slowly and smoothly turns the wheels when you are ready for your next shot, so you don’t have to go chasing it down a hill!

Budget Pick

Gets The Job Done For A Great Price!

Don’t want to spend top dollar but sick of pushing your cart?  You’re in luck!  The Bat Caddy X3R gets the job done without putting a massive hole in your wallet!

Another budget level electric push cart worth considering is the Bat Caddy X3R. The X3R is Bat Caddy’s original flagship cart and one of the best-selling carts. It is portable and easy to bring along no matter what kind of automobile you are driving!  

Our Recommendations

A Fantastic Cart

Powerful, quiet motors, lightweight, folds down nice and small, and technology so it will never roll around on you, this is a fantastic option!

Buying Options

The Best Around

You don’t have to push it, you don’t have to do anything!  This bad boy will follow you around the entire course!

Buying Options

Saving Money and Not Pushing!

Speed Control, Two powerful motors, large rear wheels for tough terrain, a fantastic choice for those on a budget!

Buying Options

Our Research and Findings

With electric carts, golfers can now enjoy their stroll the entire round without physical burden. The carts can be set to follow players matching their walking pace. In addition to carrying your clubs, it can also carry your drinks, bring your knick-knacks, have an umbrella adapted, and even charge your phone and allow you to make phone calls. It’s almost like having your own caddie.  

It can certainly be overwhelming when shopping for an electric push cart. There are plenty of choices on the market and each of them have different designs and features. Shopping for a push cart can be more difficult than finding the right wedges for you. We have got you covered. After poring over plenty of reviews and conducting many hours of research, we present our reviews for the best electric golf push carts on the market. We dive into the guts and details of the carts and provide you our top picks. 

The Best Electric Push Carts

Stewart Golf X9 Follow - Best Overall Golf Push Cart

Top Features:

  • Patented Follow Technology, follows two paces behind players
  • Bluetooth Communication
  • Rechargeable 12V Lithium Battery Pack with charger
  • Downhill braking mechanism with integrated stabiliser
  • Remote control with steerability features
  • Foldable with portability feature


  • Smart ‘follow’ feature is convenient and stays near the player
  • 4-wheel design is sturdy and resists tipping
  • Aesthetic sleek design
  • Light weight compared to peers


  • One of the most expensive carts on market

The Details:

What makes the X9 stand out from the rest is the cart’s ability to ‘follow’ the player. Stewart Golf incorporates their Patented Follow Technology, which is built with sensors and antennas designed to communicate with a controller. That controller simply is placed in the player’s pocket, so when you move, the cart moves at your pace. When you stop, the cart stops. Pretty nifty right?! 

‘Follow’ mode is one of the three operation modes for this cart. Player’s have the option to remote control or manual operate and push the cart themselves. 

Other features of the X9 is the 4-wheel design and the lithium ion battery. The 4-wheel drive allows the cart move around robustly without risk of tipping. It as a low balance point making it adaptable to all terrains. The lithium battery pack is lightweight and gives players a long-life span before it has to be replaced. 

Additional goodies included are scorecard and golf ball holders, a leather handle to hold your accessories, and Bluetooth capability that pairs with your smart watch or phone. One drawback would be the lack of a drink holder.


The most technologically advanced cart on our list, the X9 costs a pretty penny but you are rewarded with the Ferrari of golf push carts.  Follow mode, long battery life, 4 wheel design for ultimate stability, this is the best electric golf push cart around!

2. Spin It GC1R Easy Trek - Best Value Electric Push Cart

Top Features:

  • Aluminum frame construction
  • 3-wheel design made of low maintenance ABS Plastic, Airless Rubber Tread
  • 12V DC, Dual 200W Linix Motors
  • Lead-Acid Gel Battery lasts approximately 27 holes, comes with charger
  • Remote Control system with manual variable speed control and pre-set auto-distances
  • Water-resistant


  • Speed Control setup is easy to manage
  • Simple remote-control function
  • Good portability, takes up relatively little trunk space
  • Easy to assemble


  • Aluminum frame can be damaged easy
  • Combined weight of frame and battery is 56 lbs, which can be heavy 
  • Max incline limited to 30 degrees

The Details:

Starting with the remote control, it is a simple handset operation that allows the player to steer the cart in any direction. It has a max remote distance of 120 yards, which should be plenty. Also, the manual variable speed feature allows you to run the cart at whatever speed you’re most comfortable with. 

Battery power here is ample. This cart comes with a lead-acid battery that drives dual 200-watt motors. The manufacturer lists the battery should last around 27 holes for players. After going through various reviews, some users have found the battery to last multiple rounds before requiring to recharge. To recharge, be sure to allocate around 6 to 12 hours depending on how much you’ve drained the battery.

In case the battery dies on you during your round, the cart is equipped with a free-wheeling option allowing you to manually push the cart. Of course, you don’t want this to happen but at least you won’t be stranded. 

Other features of this cart include a scorecard holder, umbrella holder and the all-important drink holder. It is also relatively inexpensive for electric push carts and comes with a 1-year warranty. A couple of drawbacks would be the 56-lbs total weight of the cart and that its unsuited for inclines greater than 30 degrees. Sticking to relatively mild flatter courses is best for this cart.


If you’re looking for an easily operated cart for relatively flat courses, the Spin It Golf GC1R is a good choice. It has a solid design with an aluminum frame and airless rubber tread wheels. You can purchase it for a reasonable price given all the features that are included.

3. Bat Caddy X3R Remote Control Cart - Best Budget Electric Push Cart

Top Features:

  • Aluminum frame with stainless steel parts
  • Quiet DC electric 200-watt motors
  • Remote control functions with steering, speed control and timed advanced feature
  • Cruise Control functionality
  • 12V 36Ah lead-acid battery sufficient for at least 27 holes, comes with charger
  • 3-wheel design but has an optional 4th wheel that can be installed to prevent tipping
  • Foldable feature with one click
  • Water-resistant


  • Lead-acid battery can be swapped for a lithium-ion battery for longer life
  • Remote control ranges from 80 to 120 yards
  • Timed forward setting allowing carts to be 10, 20 or 30 yards ahead of the player
  • Easy to control and transport


  • Heavier weight with a lead-acid battery
  • Slightly more expensive for budget level carts

The Details:

You often don’t associate Titleist with forgiving drivers. They are more commonly known for delivering high performance clubs for players looking to better control their shots. However, in recent years Titleist has expanded their coverage to deliver drivers that are easy to hit, long and forgiving. Introducing the Titleist TSi2 driver. Mid handicap players can now enjoy long tee shots with a level of control.

Titleist now uses an ATI 425 titanium material clubface in their drivers. It is a unique alloy of titanium that is incredibly strong yet thin to deliver fast ball speeds and therefore longer distances. In fact, the TSi driver line is Titleist’s longest driver tested. Additionally, the new clubhead shape minimizes drag and is aerodynamically more efficient. It is also a highly stable clubhead especially through impact. Twisting is minimized in off-center hits providing a high level of forgiveness and still delivering plenty of distance. Overall, the TSi2 is a consistent performing driver.

Loft and lie angles can be adjusted at the hosel as well. This feature is not new and has been a Titleist feature for over 10 years. The TSi2 driver can be difficult to get tee-shots airborne for slower swinging players, but the loft can be adjusted higher to help with this.


Aside from the typically high price of Titleist clubs, the TSi2 driver is a high-quality club that is fun to hit. Veering away from its traditional designs, this driver delivers highly on the distance and forgiveness notes to bring consistent tee shots. You won’t be disappointed with this club.

4. FTR CaddyTrek R2 Robotic Golf Cart - Best Hands Free Electric Push Cart

Top Features:

  • 4-wheel design
  • 24V Lithium Ion battery with charger
  • Remote control feature and ability to ‘Follow’ and ‘March’ with players
  • Lightweight design weighing about 33 lbs
  • Foldable and can easily store in the car trunk


  • Quiet motors, barely hear any noise
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy and straightforward operation of follow mode
  • Ability to navigate rough terrain
  • Moves at golfer’s pace


  • One of the more expensive selections on market
  • Aluminum frame can be damaged easy
  • Tire materials not the most durable

The Details:

The R2 features a robust design and frame with a 4-wheel setup. The two larger rear wheels provide the cart with additional strength when rolling through tougher terrain. When purchased it comes with an attachable 5th wheel for additional stability. When combined with the battery back, the entire cart weighs a mere 33 pounds make it easy to handle and transport. 

This cart also comes with a remote-control feature. The handset tells players how much battery life is remaining, and gives the players the ability to send the cart up to 100 feet ahead of you in any direction. 

Overall, this a reliable electric push cart. A few things missing that we’d like to see would be a compartment for holding golf accessories, golf scorecard holder and a drink holder. This cart is on the expensive end of the spectrum so you’d like to see these things to be included.


The FTR CaddyTrek R2 is another excellent selection for a hands-free golf cart. Similar to the Stewart X9, the CaddyTrek R2 follows players behind them as well as in front of them. These are the two tracking modes of the cart, called ‘Follow’ and ‘Marching’. When the handset sensor is clipped on the player’s back, the cart follows from behind. When clipped on the player’s front, the cart will march in in front instead. Additionally, instead of sensors and antennas, it uses a combination of Ultrasound and RF signal technology to determine the player’s speed, distance and angle away from the cart. It tracks the player’s movement and follows accordingly.   As you can tell, this is a feature packed cart that would be an excellent choice for any golfer to have in tow

5. MGI Zip Navigator Electric Golf Caddie - Best 4 Wheel Electric Push Cart

Top Features:

  • Patented Gyroscope Straight Tracker for keeping the cart on track an any part of the course
  • Remote control handset putting control into player’s hands
  • Downhill speed control
  • Twin motors
  • Lithium 24V 380Wh battery
  • Swivel front two wheels for steering and stability
  • Fully foldable cart
  • 3-year warranty
MGI Zip Navigator Electric Golf Caddie


  • Speed control and smart brake features
  • Remote control is easy to use 
  • Gyroscope tracker technology manages through tough terrain
  • Front wheels can lock for easier control


  • Accessories and attachments are purchased through MGI for extra
  • Some sensor issues reported in various reviews

The Details:

The main feature in the MGI Zip Navigator is the Gyroscope Straight Tracker. This technology is the cart’s navigator keeping the cart on a straight course and keeps it from veering off track. Combined with the large rear-wheels and dual-motor setup, this cart is very agile and can negotiate course undulations. Another great feature is the cart’s foldability. It becomes very compact and easily storable. Also, at a mere 35 pounds, it is relatively light weight and easy to handle and transport. 

Unfortunately, buying the cart itself doesn’t get you the additional accessories that golfer’s typically like to have. Extensions such as drinks holder, umbrella holder, scorecard holder need to be purchased separately through MGI and adapted to your cart. However, MGI does offer additional accessories such as a wheel covers, rain covers, travel bag, sand bottle holder and even a seat for a player to relax.


Here is another 4-wheeler design worth looking into. It is controlled remotely with an easy to use handset for you to send the cart in any direction. You can throttle back the speed on downhill areas and ramp it back up as you’re heading uphill.  The MGI Zip Navigator is a fairly simple yet robust motorised buggy that does all the work for you in moving your clubs from hole to hole. 

6. Bat Caddy X8R - Best Lightweight Electric Golf Push Cart

Top Features:

  • 3-wheel design with dual 200Watt 12V DC Electric motors
  • 12V 36Ah lead-acid battery with charger, or 12V Lithium Battery with charge cord
  • Rear-wheel direct driver with dual independent transmission
  • Easy to fold
  • Timer function allowing cart distance to be up to 30 yards away
  • Purchase comes with multiple accessories
  • 1-year warranty


  • Remote control feature that is easy to use
  • Aluminum frame is light weight and easy to carry
  • Dual motors are quiet
  • Option to manually push the cart if battery life runs out on the course
  • Additional accessories included in the purchase including USB port


  • More expensive than the X3R
  • Additional accessories require purchasing

The Details:

One of the attractive features is the cart’s powerful and quiet motors. They are hidden and protected in a small diameter aluminum tube, and are capable of carrying the cart up inclines greater than 30 degrees. The two rear wheels are larger in the X8R compared to the X3R but can better adapt to harsher terrains. They offer a higher level of stability that prevent the cart from tipping over. On top of that, if you’re a speedy player, the cart can keep up with you at a top speed of 5.5mph. 

What also distinguishes the X8R from the X3R is the Torque Control ability. Basically, this feature slowly and smoothly turns the wheels when you’re moving to your next shot. The cart won’t abruptly accelerate and get away from you.

Additional features include an adjustable handle that can be set to various body heights. Upon purchase, the cart comes with a scorecard holder, umbrella holder and beverage holder. Bat Caddy offers additional accessories but at a cost.


Since Bat Caddy is such a popular golf cart brand, we had to review another one of their great selections. The X8R has all the features of the X3R plus additional capabilities making it more robust.  If you like the X3R but want the next step up and a few better features, definitely consider adding the X8R to your stable!

7. Bag Boy Navigator Quad

Specifications and Features:

  • Remote control handset with speed and complete directional control
  • Patented gyroscope ‘anti-deviation’ technology for keeping carts on track
  • 12V 26A lithium battery
  • Twin 230-Watt motors
  • Cart is fully foldable
  • Built-in GPS/mobile device and solar charger holder
  • Adjustable bag brackets for any bag size
  • Quick release mechanical locks on rear wheels
Bag Boy Navigator Electric Push Cart


  • 4-Wheel design is incredibly sturdy and can manage tough terrain
  • Comes with various accessories such and scorecard and umbrella holder
  • Digital display lets golfers see the cart speed and remaining battery level
  • Motors are quiet and works well on undulating courses


  • Price point on the higher end

The Details:

The Navigator Quad is a sturdy aluminum frame design powered by a long lasting 12V Lithium battery and twin 230-watt motors. The package comes with a fully retractable 5th wheel providing additional stability. Overall, the 4-wheel design manages rolling terrain very well and is difficult to tip over. 

A couple of the Navigator Quad’s main features are the patented gyroscope and the remote control. Starting with the gyroscope, the technology essentially keeps your cart on your desired path so it doesn’t veer off. The hand-held remote control is easy to use, it can control speed and set the cart in any intended direction. Pairing this with a full-color display near the cart handle, a player can clearly see the cart’s speed and remaining battery life.

This Bag Boy cart does come with an umbrella holder for those hot summer and rainy days. Surprisingly, a drinks holder is missing. Also, worth noting is the cart is relatively light at 32 pounds. It also collapses easily and folds in a simple two-step process.


It’s hard not to talk about Bag Boy since they have been a well-known brand for decades in the bag and push cart design space. Their Navigator Quad is a premium level electric cart with a robust design and many capabilities. Certainly, the price is on the high end but if you make the investment you will have an electric cart lasting you many, many seasons down the road.

8. Spitzer RL 150 Remote Control Golf Trolley

Specifications and Features:

  • Light-weight aluminum design with a 3-wheel setup
  • Lithium-Ion Battery pack, 24V 10Ah
  • Dual 200-Watt electric motors
  • Hand-help remote control system with variable speed adjustment
  • Compact folding with easy detachable wheels
  • USB port for charging your GPS or smartphone


  • Battery life is long, recharges fast and lasts multiple seasons
  • Remote control is easy to use and steer the cart
  • Very lightweight design compared to peers
  • Easy to assemble


  • Aluminum frame is exposed and susceptible to damage
  • Easy to tip over
  • Very few accessories included

The Details:

An oldie but a goody. This design has been on market for a few years, but the Spitzer’s RL 150 is a well designed electric push cart that focuses on being light-weight and features a long-lasting lithium-ion battery. The remote-control is a hand-held set that is easy and straight-forward to use. It has a variable speed feature that can be tuned by the player to match their walking speed. An auto-run time is also included allowing the cart to travel ahead at a set distance. 

The RL 150 does not have many accessories included. It does however have an integrated USB Charger Port allowing players to charge their phones. Given the price of this cart, you’d hope it would come with a scorecard holder and a cupholder for drinks, so this part is a bit disappointing. The tendency to tip over in windy conditions and severe slops can be concerning as well.


Overall, it is still a solid cart. The best qualities are the light-weight design, long lasting battery and simple to use remote control.

9. Tangkula Electric Golf Cart

Top Features:

  • Iron construction frame for a sturdy design
  • 120-Watt single motor design with rear-wheel drive feature
  • Easily foldable
  • 12V 18Ah lithium battery


  • Extremely sturdy design with iron frame material
  • Comes with umbrella, scorecard and drinks holder
  • Handle grips are comfortable
  • Easy to assemble and transport


  • No remote-control features, manual steering
  • No dual-motor

The Details:

Another excellent selection in the budget category is the Tangkula Electric Golf Cart. This is a lesser known brand, but user reviews have found it extremely sturdy, durable, and easy to steer. Given the iron material used in the frame, it is surprisingly light weight. The heavier metal is offset by the light-weight lithium ion battery used in the cart. The battery will last around 36-holes before it requires recharging. The strong iron frame is capable of carrying heavier bags and dealing with rough terrain.

One drawback is the lack of a dual-motor compared to other cart designs. Having a single-motor puts more strain on the cart. It will have to work harder on severely sloped areas on the course.

There is no remote-control hand-held set feature in this cart. The cart is steered manually with speed controls on the handle. Some players may actually prefer this setup as they can directly control the cart and not have to worry about potentially malfunctioning sensors.


A great all arounder for a decent price – the Tangkula is a sturdy and well built golf cart that offers great options and longevity for the price!

Things to Consider When Buying an Electric Push Cart

There are plenty of things to consider when selecting the right electric push cart for your rounds. Also, there are many cart designs with different features tailoring to every player’s game. It can be a personal choice, but at the end of the day, it should meet your needs during the round as well as adapt to the type of course you play. It should also meet the budget you set for yourself. Golf is already an expensive game, and golf carts can range from a couple hundred bucks to a couple thousand.

Accessories / Personal Needs

No doubt, the electric cart you choose should provide the things you need on the course. Accessorizing your cart should be fun and entertaining, and they should provide you an enjoyable experience on the course. Electric push carts of different designs come with all kinds of accessories. Typically, the more accessories available, the more expensive they are, so make sure you spend time to research the one you want. Here are some important accessories.

Starting with drinks, it is standard for most electric push carts come with at least one cupholder. In fact, it is probably a non-negotiable accessory. We all need to hydrate during hot-humid weather, or enjoy some brews with your playing buddies. If its an early morning round, you need somewhere to put that all-important coffee-baileys. 

Carts can be equipped with an adapter near the handles for placing your umbrella. This is popular among many golfers who may find themselves in rainy weather, or even using the umbrella to provide shade from the smoldering sun. 

Another accessory available would be a basket or a pouch for storage. This can be for spare golf balls if you flare one out of bounds or into the lake. It can also be for holding your snacks or small bites to rejuvenate yourself during the round. A different version could be a solid compartment with a open-close lid for a more secure storage. 

Of course, another important accessory would be a space to hold your scorecard and spare pencils. Someone has to keep your playing buddies and/or competitors honest, right?!

These are some of the basic, yet essential accessories in any golf cart. For the electric push cart, advanced accessories available would be a USB port for charging your phone. Sometimes golfers may have to take calls during the round, so having one of these is handy to stay connected. In addition to a USB port, a phone holder that is easily accessible is typically included in these carts as well. 

Golfers who play tough undulating courses will find electric push carts very useful, especially if it comes equipped with a variable speed control feature. On courses with plenty of slope, you wouldn’t want your cart to be getting away from you in hilly spots. Having speed control is key along with a remote-control accessory you can easily use.

Construction Material and Weighting

Most electric golf push carts have a metallic frame. They are manufactured with Aluminum, Titanium or Steel, or a combination of the three. 

Aluminum is the lightest of the three metals making the cart easy and quick to carry around. The main drawback is it’s also the least durable of the three and can dent or fold easy. 

Steel is the strongest of the three but also the heaviest. Therefore, the mobility of a cart made up of mostly steel can be pretty low. 

Titanium is a nice medium between the two other metals above. It is both lightweight and strong with a high level of durability. Remember, a lot of driver heads are manufactured with titanium metal. The main drawback is titanium is typically more expensive than the other two metals, which is understandable given the benefits. 

Bear in mind, electric golf push carts also have attached the battery, motor and of course wheels that add to the weight.

Battery Life, Type, Charging

There is nothing worse than your battery dying on you during your round and getting stuck with a dead push cart. Battery Life is a crucial factor to weigh when selecting the right electric golf cart. A battery charge should be good for more than 18 holes of play, but it requires recharging after every round so that it is replenished for the next round. Typical to all batteries, their life decays slightly after each use. Electric push cart batteries can last between 2 to 5 seasons depending on the design and how often you play. When considering battery life, keep in mind how avid of a golf you are. Perhaps you play 36-holes more often than not so make sure your cart lasts you an entire day. Also keep in mind that recharging the batteries take time, so ensure you plan your schedule to have a fully charged cart before the start of a round. 

There are two types of batteries used for electric push carts that you should be aware of. Lead-acid and lithium ion batteries. Both have their benefits and affect pricing of the push carts.

Lead-acid batteries are common and cheap. The lead material is heavy and can add considerable weight to your cart. However, lead-acid batteries provide extended charge life and require less charging time than Lithium-ion batteries. Typically, a lead-acid battery can last up to 5 seasons depending how often you play. 

Lithium-ion batteries are a new technology that offers a longer life, lighter to carry, and is environmentally friendly due to the lack of lead in its composition. The materials are considerably lighter therefore easier to handle. These batteries are also quick to fully charge and can last two to three times longer than its lead-acid counterpart. Lithium batteries are also more expensive and therefore raises the price of electric push carts.


There is wide variability on electric push cart prices. The ones with the basic features (battery and simple electric motor) are cheapest around $500. Premium electric push carts fully loaded with features, including accessories like GPS, Bluetooth, USB port can be over $2000. It is important to stick to a budget for yourself, but also consider the golf cart designs and accessories that are important for you and your golf game.  

If you enjoy walking the game and insist on walking every course you play, no matter the price of the golf cart, it will be a solid investment for a long time horizon.


If you’re not carrying your clubs during the round, you will have to load up your push cart in the back of your trunk to driving to every course. Electric push carts are foldable and do not take up much space. When collapsed they can easily fit in your trunk and take up similar space as a regular push cart. Part of the game is also finding a electric push cart that is lightweight and easy to setup and collapse. Most vehicles can fit at least one golf cart and golf bag full of clubs in the trunk. However, it’s always a good idea to measure the dimensions of your vehicle’s trunk prior to deciding which golf cart to buy.

Speed Control, Remote Control

Ideally, your electric golf push cart should be capable of negotiating slopes through the entire 18 holes. On upward sloping areas, you’d want your cart to turn that motor faster and speed up on the incline. When coming downhill, the cart should be able to slow down the wheels and not run away from the player. 

In all other parts of the golf course, having a push cart follow the golfer at the same speed is ideal. When the player stops walking the cart stops. When the player walks faster or runs, the cart speeds up. Premium level push carts have the “follow me” function, where the cart essentially follows wherever the player walks to. This feature is great for wide-open fairways. For areas with tighter spaces such as greenside fringes or bunkers, having remote control of the cart is ideal.

Routine Servicing

Since electric carts are made up of moving parts such as the motor, routine servicing is required to ensure your cart functions well. Knock on wood, nothing breaks in the cart. It is always good practice to understand the warranty conditions. Ensure you understand if the manufacturer or distributor can service your cart.


Most push carts are designed with either 3-wheels or 4-wheels. Occasionally you will come across a 2-wheeler, but those are quite rare in our experience. It is almost entirely player preference, which set up they’d like but each one has its own pros and cons. 

3-Wheel carts typically have two wheels in the back with the lone front-wheel. The wheel positions form a V-shape. The front wheel is either stationary or can rotate allowing flexible steering. One drawback for a 3-wheeler is structure it is not as stable as a 4-wheel cart and can tip over, especially in severe windy conditions.

4-Wheel carts are much sturdier and less likely to topple over. They have two wheels in the front and back providing a more balanced weight distribution throughout the frame. Overall, they are slightly more expensive than 3-wheel carts.


Carrying your golf bag for the entire round can be tough on the body. It is typically a 4-hour round and you want to save that energy for your shots. Renting golf carts each round adds up quick especially if you play often. If you play at least 20 to 30 rounds a year, the decision is a no brainer – shop and get yourself a push cart. 

The electric golf cart gives you the means to conveniently navigate through your round without the weight of the bag on your shoulders. Being completely hands-free translates into less stress on the course, and more enjoyment in your round. You’ll be able to focus on your game more and play better golf. 

We hope this article will help you in your search for an electric push cart. Let me know your thoughts and any questions you have. Like this article? Feel free to give it a share!

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