The 10 Best Golf Bags (Cart + Carry) of 2021

Whether you are just breaking into the great game of golf, or are looking to replace your current bag that has been wearing out over the years, you have come to the right spot! In this article, we have reviewed a list of bags that we feel is best in market. Whether you carry your bag, put it on a push cart or normally drive a golf cart during your round, we got you covered.

Chances are you might have spent several hundred dollars on your clubs, or even a couple thousand. Perhaps you like to keep your accessories and valuables in your golf bag during your round to free up your pockets. Bottom line, we understand you need a good quality golf bag that protects your gear. A golf bag with plenty of storage might be best because you bring a lot of essentials to the golf course. Or, maybe you don’t bring much with you other than your clubs, so a skinnier, lighter bag is better suited for you.

Our Top Stand Bag

Best Overall Stand Bag

Lightweight, lots of storage, fantastic material selection and a professional look – This is the full package

Titleist has long made quality golf products, from its Scotty Cameron putter line, Vokey wedges, to it’s legendary irons.  Well, turns out it makes some pretty good bags to stash all that stuff in too!  Lightweight, comfortable on the back, and enough room for whatever your round may take, the Players 4 Plus stand bag is our top stand bag of the year

Best Cart Bag

The Ultimate Cart Bag

Massive amounts of storage, you will have room for jackets, shoes, gloves – you name it!  Plus a great 14 way divider to protect all your clubs.

Finding OGIO at the top of our list shouldn’t come as a surprise to readers who have been in the game long.  Making bags for every industry imaginable, their golf bags are top tier in every aspect.  If you are looking for maximum storage, stylish looks, and club organization, this bag is your best bet.

Budget Friendly Choice

Best Budget Cart Bag

Lighter weight than a typical cart bag, but with all the storage you’d expect, you can save some cash and still get the full meal deal with the Callaway Org 7 Cart Bag

Not looking to spend half a grand on a bag?  We don’t blame you!  Callaway makes the decision even easier by making a beautiful looking, lightweight bag that has utility for days!  Save some cash, keep the storage with the Callaway Org 7 Cart Bag

Our Recommendations

Top Cart Bag

Storage for days, great looks, and high quality construction.  Ogio continues its streak of making amazing top notch bags

Buying Options

Top Notch Carry Bag

Experience the entire course with this amazing bag on your back – lightweight and just the right amount of storage!

Buying Options

Budget Friendly Cart Bag

Save some money and get all the features with Callaways budget friendly cart bag

Buying Options

Our Research and Findings

There are plenty of golf bag designs with all sorts of color combinations on market. We like to think that a golf bag should match a golfer’s style or personality. Loud or subtle and sleek colors and shades are available. Golf bag materials have also improved over the years. A golf bag can be both functional and fashionable to frame your nice shiny set of irons.

You can buy a ultra light carry, standard carry, cart bag, or a tour bag.  Those go in order from most portable to least.  If you love to take in the course on a nice walk and get the entire experience, a carry bag is for you.  If you want to fit the most amount of gear possible in your bag for your round and would rather ride in a cart, a cart or tour bag is more up your alley.  Whichever you are hunting for, our reviews below should help steer you in the right direction!

The Best Golf Carry / Stand Bags

1. Titleist Players 4 Plus Stand Bag - Best Overall Carry / Stand Bag

The Details:

  • High-grade aluminum legs and advanced hinged bottom
  • Self-balancing, convertible strap system
  • 4-divider top with full length dividers
  • Bag weight of 4.3lbs
  • 7 storage pockets/compartments with waterproof materials including an apparel pocket
  • Dual density foam cushion in the straps


  • One of the lightest-weight options on market
  • Good amount of storage, valuable pocket is waterproof and convenient to access
  • High level of durability with good quality stand legs
  • Over 9 different colors to choose from with an option for custom embroidery from Titleist
  • Full length dividers are convenient
  • Wearable strap system is very comfortable with plenty of cushion


  • High price given the Titleist brand
  • Relatively few dividers

We kick off our review with our Performance Pick. Players who want a bag that is comfortable to wear, but also offers plenty of cargo storage and looks good on the course should look no further than the Titleist Players 4 Plus Stand Bag. The fact that the bag features the classic Titleist logo with sharp colors and an attractive design can make any player standout. 

For a bag that affords as much storage space as it does with full-length dividers, it is a very lightweight design at only 4.3lbs. It features waterproof pockets that can carry your wallet and smaller sized valuables, as well as pockets that fit your apparel if you need to throw on your sweater and rain jacket at times. The aluminum stand legs are durable and sturdy. You’ll feel the stand / hinging system is reliable.


True to their brand, the Titleist Players 4 Stand Bag looks and feels great, and performs under any conditions.

2. TaylorMade Flextech Lite Golf Stand Bag - Most Comfortable Golf Stand Bag

Top Features:

  • 4-way divider top with a proprietary FlexTech stand system
  • Weighs 4-lbs
  • Self-adjusting strap with plenty of cushion
  • Multiple storage pockets at the upper and lower end of the golf bag
  • Drink holder included
  • Extended hip pad for additional comfort


  • Lightweight design with good durability
  • Plenty of storage space and pockets
  • Attractive appearances, athletic looking bag
  • X-strap cushions make this bag comfortable to wear
  • Extended hip pad makes it easier for walking golfers
  • Comes in 4 different color combinations


  • Priced on the higher end
  • 4 dividers may be too little for some players

There are plenty of things to like about the new FlexTech Lite Golf Stand Bag from TaylorMade. It is a great looking bag that features plenty of pockets, storage, comfortable straps and is relatively lightweight. In fact, previous year’s version of the FlexTech Lite weighed 5.5lbs and TaylorMade has now dropped it to 4.5lbs. This makes the bag easy to carry around, and it won’t tire you out by the time you reach the 18th hole. The bag also features water resistant pockets to keep your belongings protected. 

Having only 4 dividers may be one drawback for this bag. Some players may prefer additional separation between their clubs. On the same note, the bag interior is decent padding with a crush-resistant construction adding to the durability.


If you don’t mind the higher price tag, you can see why so many players are putting this bag in play. You will feel and look good carrying this bag on the course.

3. Ping Hooferlite Golf Stand Bag - Most Storage Volume Golf Carry Bag

The Details:

  • 4-way top divider
  • Convertible straps – can be pulled back to a single strap
  • 7 pocket system including an apparel pocket that as additional storage
  • Hooferlite cart-strap channel 
  • Water bottle pocket is zippered and insulated
  • Cushioned hip pad and a rain hood


  • Good level of durability
  • Plenty of storage space and pockets
  • Nice to have apparel pocket with added storage on the interior
  • Convertible straps are convenient if player decides to wear bag as a shoulder bag
  • Waterproof capability is essential
  • Comfortable padding on the straps
  • Various colors available


  • At 5lbs, the Hooferlite isn’t as light as some competitor bags
  • Pricy

PING is another premium brand that also makes good quality golf bags, and not just stellar clubs. With the Hooferlite, PING differentiates from the other golf bags by focusing on the storage. One of the main features is the apparel pocket that has additional storage within the pocket. It also features a pocket specifically for your water bottle that is both insulated and zippered. The valuables pockets are also easily accessible and waterproof. 

Focusing on the clubs, it features a fairly standard 4-way divider top with a comfortable to wear strap system. Another feature separating this bag from the rest is the convertible strap system. This allows a player to adjust the bag into a shoulder bag carry setup. The cushioned hip pad is also a convenient feature.


Coming in at 5lbs, this bag is slightly heavier than its competitors. However, it is still a well designed bag worth considering.

4. Callaway Hyper-Lite Zero Double Strap Stand Bag - Lightest Golf Carry Bag

Top Features:

  • Callaway’s lightest stand bag at 3 lbs
  • 4-way top full-length dividers
  • 7 pockets with soft inner linings and waterproof zippers
  • Carbon-fiber leg stands
  • Comfortably padded OptiFit Comfort Strap
  • X-Act Fit Strap System
  • OptiFit comfort hip pad
  • Adjustable to single or double strap carry
Callaway Hyperlite Zero Double Strap Stand Bag


  • One of the lightest options on market
  • Plenty of pocket space for all your accessories
  • Full-length dividers ensure club protection
  • Straps are comfortable to wear and can be switched between single or double strap carry
  • Use of durable carbon fiber for the legs helps lighten the bag and improves support


  • Higher-end priced bag
  • Larger pockets do not have as much space as other stand bags

Another fantastic option for a Stand Bag is the Callaway Hyper-Lite Zero Double Strap. It is Callaway’s lightest carry bag weighing at a mere 3 lbs. You can probably feel the weight off your shoulders just by reading this. Callaway prioritizes the light-weight design with a comfortable wear that is also durable. 

The legs are constructed with carbon fiber, a very strong yet light material that will firmly support the bag. On top of that, wearing the bag will feel very comfortable as the straps feature a highly padded cushion. It doesn’t stop there, the OptiFit Comfort Hip Pad adds to the comfort as you wear your bag walking down the fairway. 

This bag features a 4-way top divider with 7 pockets for all your valuables. They are also waterproof for peace of mind in tough conditions. One drawback is, given the lighter skinnier design of this bag, the apparel pocket isn’t as large as other bags. If you want to pack additional layers, it may be a tighter fit.


Want to save your energy for lining up the perfect shot instead of lugging a heavy bag around?  The Callaway Hyper-Lite Zero is the bag for you.  Weighing in at a feather light 3 pounds (how is that even possible?!) you’ll forget this bag is even on your back!

5. OGIO Fuse 4 Way Stand Bag

The Details:

  • 4.8lbs weight
  • 4-way top with full length dividers
  • 8 total pockets with 7 of them zippered and one open insulated water bottle pocket
  • Ergonomic Double Shoulder Strap System with Fit Disc Technology
  • Holders for markers, tees, towel and umbrella
  • Conversion feature to fuse the double straps into a single strap for shoulder carry
  • 2-year Warranty
Ogio Fuse Golf Stand Bag 4


  • Comfortable wear with plenty of padding on the straps
  • Large amount of storage space
  • Full length dividers ensure club protection
  • Sturdy aluminum legs
  • 7 different color selections
  • Cheaper than premium golf brands


  • Slightly heavier than other stand bags
  • Pockets are not waterproof

The OGIO Fuse 4 Way stand bag is a practical choice for golfers looking for that extra storage space. Equipped with 8 pockets, players can carry plenty of apparel and accessories they need for their round. 

Perhaps the best feature of this bag is the Double Shoulder Strap System. OGIO recognizes the need to prevent injuries and muscles from straining. The straps are ergonomically designed with a Fit Disc Technology to evenly distribute weight across your shoulders. There are plenty of cushion on the straps to help keep you comfortable when wearing the bag. The strap system can also be converted to a single strap if you prefer to shoulder your bag.


Overall – the bag itself is slightly heavier than its competitors and isn’t as waterproof. But if you are looking for a good budget option with plenty of storage, this could be your bag.

The Best Cart Bags

1. Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Cart Bag - Most Heavy Duty Cart Bag

Top Features:

  • 14 individual club full-length dividers with a dedicated putter compartment
  • 13 pockets including 2 that are full-length apparel pockets
  • Three utility handles with Smart Strap System
  • Cart bumpers help mitigate bag impact during travel
  • Cart strap ensures bag is adequately strapped to the cart
  • Rain hood included


  • Lots of pockets and storage space
  • Relatively light for a cart bag at 7.0lbs
  • Individual dividers ensure each club is protected
  • Comes in 11 different color choices
  • Very durable design


  • Priced on the higher-end

We start off our cart bag review with a selection that is heavy duty. The Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Cart Bag is a robust design created specifically for carts. It features plenty of storage space with pockets that are all forward-facing. This makes them easily accessible to players with push or power carts. Two of the 13 pockets are full-length apparel pockets, so you can feel free packing as many layers as you need for those rainy and chilly rounds. Your golf shoes can even fit in the compartments. 

The C-130 also features 14 full-length dividers with a dedicated putter compartment. Within the bag, the inner linings are also cushioned so rest assured your clubs are well protected. Cart bumpers also adapted to the side of the bag to protect from hitting against hard surfaces.


Aside from the high price, this bag can keep everything you need handy in front of you during your round.  If you’re looking for a premium, go anywhere and do anything bag, the Sun Mountain C-130 is a fantastic choice.

2. OGIO Convoy SE 14 Way Cart Bag - Best Overall Cart Bag

The Details:

  • 14-Way Top with 3 integrated lift handles and large putter well
  • 13 Pockets, 9 of them zippered
  • Water-resistant polyester lining design
  • Insulated water bottle pocket
  • Holders for tees, umbrella and towel
  • Adjustable single strap
  • 5.9lbs weight


  • Robust looking bag that offers highest level of protection and storage
  • The putter well is convenient
  • Water-resistant lining is essential ensuring belongings are protected
  • Comes in variety of colors


  • Expensive
  • Bulky design may not be attractive to some golfers

OGIO’s Convoy SE 14 Way Cart Bag could be a great option for camping, let alone golf club and accessory storage. This bag has a highly robust design with a plentiful amount of storage space as well as a water-resistant design. With 13 pockets in total, you can pack all the clothing, accessories, drinks and gear you need for your round. It is a very bulky design, but surprisingly it comes in at a relatively light 5.9lbs. 

Never mind the multiple colors available for the bag, it is as loud as it is useful. The 14-Way Top divider with a large putter well ensures every single club is well protected and spaced out.


This OGIO bag is also extremely durable and should last a player many seasons as long as it is managed well. We like that it is an all-weather performing bag giving its polyester material, water-resistant features and rain hood that is included. For these reasons, we make this for our top Cart Bag pick.

3. Titleist Club 7 Cart Bag - Best Designed Cart Bag

Specifications and Features:

  • 15 full-length dividers with a dedicated putter well
  • 11 zippered pockets, velour lined pockets for valuables, molded pocket for extra protection
  • 6.5 lbs weight
  • Multi-material top cuff with Tour-inspired integrated handles
  • Hard shell for extra protection
  • Two Pen caddies and a large glove Velcro landing patch


  • Large amount of storage space
  • Divider system ensures organization and protection of golf clubs
  • Comfortable shoulder strap
  • Attractive looking design
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • On the heavy side for bag weight
  • Expensive option given the Titleist brand name

Similar to the stand bag, the Titleist Club 7 stands out and looks like a real top performer. Titleist delivers a top-quality cart bag here. It features plenty of storage space and a divider system that makes it easy for players to organize and protect their clubs. There isn’t anything that you can’t store in this bag. Titleist ensures you can bring anything from your shoes to small golf trinkets with you in this bag. There are even small zippered pockets for your sharpie pens and gloves.

Weighing at 6.5lbs, this bag is one of the heavier ones and certainly a bulky looking unit. Titleist products don’t come cheap either. However, this choice will serve you well and last you many seasons.


Want a do it all bag that is going to look amazing when you walk on the course?  The Titleist Club 7 is that bag.  It has tons of storage, great looks, and has a very high build quality.  You can rest assured buying this bag it will last for the long run.

4. Callaway Org 7 Cart Bag - Best Budget Cart Bag

Top Features:

  • 7-way arched top with full-length dividers
  • 8 forward facing pockets including 2 large apparel pockets and soft-lined pockets for valuables
  • Front strap and grab handle
  • Durable ripstop fabric material construction
  • 4.25lbs weight
  • Umbrella holder, pen sleeves, ball pocket and towel hook


  • Surprisingly lightweight
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Plenty of pockets and storage space with easy access
  • Attractive price for a Cart Bag
  • Comfortable strap for carrying the bag


  • Lower number of dividers and pockets compared to other cart bags

Introducing our Budget Pick, the Callaway Org 7 Cart Bag. This is a cheaper and less robust option to Callaway’s Org 14 Cart Bag. It has less dividers and pockets, but it functions just as effective as it’s larger counterpart. Players will still find plenty of storage space in this bag, and enough room to pack those additional layers needed for chilly and rainy rounds. 

At 4.25lbs, the Org 7 is one of the lightest cart bags on market making it easy for any golfer to manage. It has a sturdy frame construction with durable fabric making this bag long lasting. This big will sit nicely on your cart and will be easy to wheel around the course. Having the pockets forward facing allow golfers to easily access their essentials.


Looking to save some cash?  Want all the features of the pricier bags?  You have come to the right spot.  Callaway has made a bag that can save you cash and give you everything you need!

5. Cobra Ultralight Cart Bag

The Details:

  • 14-way top with full length dividers
  • 13 pockets including double oversized apparel pockets
  • Multiple dual fleece lined pockets for valuables
  • Insulated cooler pocket for drinks
  • Pass-Thru cart strap for buckling the cart bag in place
  • Single shoulder strap
  • Polyester material construction
  • 5.3lbs weight


  • Enough storage for all necessary apparel and golf wear
  • Full length dividers offer full protection for clubs
  • Plenty of fleece lined pockets for accessories
  • Insulated drinks cooler is convenient and attractive
  • Attractive price


  • Weight on the heavier side
  • Not waterproof


Rounding out our picks is the Cobra Ultralight Cart Bag. It offers everything a golfer needs if he/she requires bringing additional layers of golf wear and accessories to the course. This bag features dual oversized apparel pockets, plenty of space for your sweaters and wind/rain breakers. The bag itself is a structurally sound design and is lined with good quality fleece and polyester material.

One of the best features is the insulated pocket for keeping your drinks cool (or warm, depending on conditions). We understand those golf rounds can involve plenty of hydration or indulgence, so having a bag with a koozie is a welcome feature.


This bag is slightly on the heavier size and is not fully waterproof. However, these slight shortcomings are made up by the reasonable price. This is another solid bag to consider.

Guide to Buying Golf Bags

Shopping for golf bags shouldn’t be a stressful thing to do. Understanding what you need to carry in your bag during the round is really the main question to ask yourself. A lot of it can be weather dependent. Maybe you play in a humid climate so you need space for another towel or extra drinks for hydration. Colder or windier climates, you’ll probably have to pack some extra layers to stay warm. We all get hungry on the course so you need space for snacks and sandwiches. There are plenty of choices for golf bags for all kinds of golfers. Below, we start with the different bag types and dive further into the details.

Types of Bags – Sunday Bags, Stand Bags, Cart Bags, Staff Bags

Types Of Golf Bags

1. Sunday (Lightweight Carry) Bags

Sunday Bags are a very simplified version of your standard carry bags. Essentially, they are designed to only carry your clubs. They may have one, maybe two pockets near the base. They are equipped with a couple dividers and a simple carry strap. A kickstand may be included in some fancier ones, but overall, it is a very minimalistic design. 

These bags aren’t common among the average players. For the most part, golfers like to have more storage and divider space and go with larger carry bags or cart bags. For that reason, we don’t cover Sunday Bags in this article. However, these bags work really well in certain situations. If you only prefer walking and carrying your clubs and you play quick, this bag type works well. If you enjoy playing a quick 9-hole round, or if you travel often and play quick early morning rounds or twilight rounds, Sunday Bags are great for these spots too.

2. Stand Bags

Now, we shift to a popuar design. The classic Stand Bag is the type of golf bag that you can wear like a backpack, and set it down at an angle with the special set of legs. The legs are sometimes called a kickstand. They are usually quite sturdy and gives your clubs the ability to lean gently at an angle, and allow players to easily access their clubs. Some stand bags feature more dividers than others. Each divided compartment typically holds 2 to 4 clubs, depending how you like to arrange your bag. 

Additionally, these bags are designed with plenty of storage and pockets. You can pack accessories, clothing layers, snacks, drinks, golf balls, and anything else you need on the course. 

These bags can be on the heavy side, but some brands use lightweight materials and design a comfortable strap for easy wear.

3. Cart Bags

If you use walk your round and use a push cart, or typically drive power carts, the Cart Bag is for you. They are typically bulkier and heavier than Stand Bags, but they come with lots of storage space and can stand on their own base. Cart Bags typically have more dividers than Stand Bags. The fancier ones feature one divider per club ensuring your clubs don’t hit against each other and are easily accessible. 

Wearing your golf bag can be tiring on the course and the next best alternative would be a cart bag using a power cart or push cart.

4. Staff Bags

Staff Bags are basically the highest end golf bags. They are Cadillacs and Cohibas. They often aren’t used by us average Joes, and are usually sported by touring professionals who are playing for a living and employ caddies during tournaments. 

Tour bags have even more space and are heavier than Cart Bags. They can hold golf shoes, jackets, additional clothing layers, all your accessories, any sustenance you require. The bag is designed to be very durable and often has a strap for caddies to carry the bag over their shoulders. 

Golf Bag Weight

How heavy a golf bag can be is an important factor to consider and have an effect on your round’s enjoyment. If you prefer walking your round, we’re pretty sure having a bag that weighs 50lbs or more on your back isn’t enjoyable. This can sap away your energy making it difficult to make good swings and hit good shots. You can play with a lighter bag, pack less things in your bag, or use a cart bag paired with a push cart. 

Golf Bag Storage

In addition to your clubs, having a golf bag with various pockets and compartments to hold the rest of your golf gear is essential. Some bags are equipped with more pockets than others. Every player is different in what they bring to the course. 

Bags that are lighter in weight and skinnier in design will likely have the least number of pockets and storage space for accessories. Bulkier stand bags and cart bags will have plenty of room to carry the essentials you need on the course. Chances are, you’re going to need a bag that can hold a water bottle. A round of golf can be long so you may need a large pocket for all the beers you bring for yourself and your buddies. 

Ensuring you’re prepared for any golf weather condition is important. Having pockets for your towels, pullovers, rain gear, extra golf balls, and others can influence your decision on the best golf bag to purchase.


We believe a golf bag should last a player many years. The one thing you want to avoid is spending your hard-earned dollars on a nice-looking golf bag only to see it deteriorate in one, maybe two golf seasons. It’s important to pay attention to the materials used in constructing golf bags. It is also important to be wary of the stresses your golf bag goes through. Maybe you travel frequently for golf so a bulky, sturdy bag is better suited for the travel. Perhaps, you play entirely at your local club and a lighter, thin-designed bag will suffice. 

For stand bags, the most critical thing to consider is the durability of the legs and how they are designed. It is best to choose a bag that uses sturdy materials such as carbon fiber. Can the legs withstand heavier weights if you carry plenty of essentials in your bag? Can they fold out and fold in easy and not wear out quickly? These are some important questions worth asking.

The same considerations also apply to cart bags. Outer materials best be durable, scratch resistant and water-proof. A good quality stand bag will feature a strong frame with padded interiors that keep your clubs from hitting against each other.


Dividers are for organizing and protecting your clubs. They allow you to easily place or take out clubs from your bag. It wouldn’t make sense for your clubs to be all bunched together in a bag. Typically, golf bags come with as few as 2 compartments or as many as 16 where every club is divided from the other. 

Some bags come with full length dividers while others only feature partial length dividers. The full-length selections essentially as an individual divider for each club extending all the way to the bag’s bottom. This offers the best protection for your clubs. Partial dividers can result in your grips and shafts hitting against each other. One thing to note, bags with full length dividers are typically heavier than ones with partial length dividers.


Golf bags typically come with one shoulder strap or backpack style straps allowing players to wear their bags. Stand bags typically come with the single shoulder strap, some do not feature one. Almost all stand bags will have the backpack style strap, rarely are they not included. 

Whichever bag you choose for yourself, it is important to observe and test the padding on the straps. Try them out in the store and ask yourself if they bag feels comfortable on your shoulder. Do they sit heavy and pinch? Or is the weight distributed evenly? The best straps are ones with thick padding and plenty of durability. Straps are more an important consideration for players who walk their rounds, typically wearing stand bags. For cart bags, straps are much less of a factor.


All things considered; your decision may come down to cost. The right bag for you depends on the kind of golf schedule you have. Generally, the more features on a golf bag, the more expensive they are. Sunday Bags are usually your cheapest. Stand bags have a wider range depending on the number pockets, dividers and materials used. Cart bags and Staff bags are usually on the higher end of the price range given their high amount of storage.


We hope our article has helped you figure out exactly what kind of bag you are looking for!  All the different types of bags, expensive vs budget friendly, and all the colors of the rainbow!  We are sure you will find a bag that will suit your needs from our list!

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