The 10 Best Golf Courses In New Mexico

New Mexico is a diverse state, with one half of the state bearing a cold alpine environment while the other half having warm desert-like conditions. This dramatic change in climate is due to the state’s association with the Sonoran Desert in the southern and western regions, while the northern region is associated with highland mountains.
New Mexico is as culturally diverse as its climate. It has the second-highest Native American population. Thus, a huge proportion of the state’s culture is connected to America’s true roots. The state also shares a border with Mexico, the country. Hence, a lot of Hispanic influence can be seen in its population and culture.
This area was first colonized by Spain. Therefore, Spanish culture is imminently prominent in every aspect of this state as well. This southwestern state is not limited by its intermingled culture. Rather, the state makes the most of it, by presenting a wide array of music, food, and historic sites.
Some of the most interesting tourist attractions of New Mexico include; White Sands National Park, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, Chaco Culture National Historic Park, Bandelier National Monument, Four Corners Monument, and Continental Divide Trail.
People of the state of New Mexico are drawn towards many things, one of which is golf. The state features various types of golf courses due to dramatic changes in land conditions from the north to the west.
There is no shortage of scenery and innovation in the state, two of the qualities that are most sought-after in golf course architecture. The state organizes the New Mexico Open Golf championship every year.
The Sun Country section of the Professional Golfers Association is responsible for organizing all golf championships in the area. Many prominent players of the game have come forth from New Mexico. One of the most notable players from New Mexico is Steven Glen Jones who has played in numerous tournaments.
He has 10 professional wins under his belt including a 1996 US Open Championship, eight PGA Tour wins, and one European Tour win. Kent Jones is another high profile name who has successfully made a mark in the world of golf. Jones has 2 professional wins under his belt.
Notah Begay III is the first and only Native American golfer to ever play a PGA Tour. His remarkable career has landed him 4 PGA tour wins. Since there is such a diverse landscape present in the state, the beauty of its golf courses is set to be impeccable.
Let’s review the best golf courses present in New Mexico!

10 Best Places To Play Golf In New Mexico

#1 - Paa-Ko Ridge G.C., Sandia Park

Located between the scenic mountains of Sandia, this challenging golf course can be accessed by a mere 20 minutes drive from the city of Albuquerque. The course first opened in the year 2000 with original 18-holes designed by Ken Dye. During renovations of 2005, another set of 9 holes were added, making it a total 27-hole golf course.
The interesting thing about the course is that you decide the level of difficulty you want while playing in the course. Paa-Ko Ridge features 3 pairs of nine holes and in total has 27 holes. The combination of two pairs can be chosen by the players themselves.
Moreover, the course offers five different tee times so you may choose as per your ease. This magnificent course stretches over 7500 yards. The course sits 7000 feet above sea level. Therefore, the ball is not easy to control here.

#2 - The Club at Las Campanas (Sunset), Santa Fe

This club in the land of enchantment truly enchants the players with its beauty. Las Campanas Club is located 12 miles west of Santa Fe City and sits at a height of 7000 feet above sea level. The Sunset Golf Course is a golf course that features 18 impeccable holes.
The course is carefully designed to include the original beauty of the area by Jack Nicklaus. It contains various water protected landings and tree-covered fairways. The tees can be selected from five settings to suit each player’s ability and skill set.
The total area covered by both the golf courses of Las Campanas is 19-acre. So, choose the tees wisely as there is no returning after the 9th hole on the Sunset Course. The signature hole is the 437-yard 7th hole on this course because of its beautiful placement 100 ft. above its fairway.

#3 - The Club At Las Campanas (Sunrise), Santa Fe

The first golf course of Las Campanas inaugurated in 1993 was the Sunrise Golf Course. It was also designed by Jack Nicklaus. This golf course was the architect’s mark of a century as it was his 100th design.
The course covers an area of 7500 acres with Nicklaus signature 18-holes. The toughest hole is the 654-yard par 5 15th hole. Other notable holes include 446-yard par-four 3rd hole and a par 4 426 yard 11th hole.
The club is super exclusive for its members and even provides PGA certified professional courses for its members who want to learn the art of the game.

#4 - Rainmakers G.C. Alto

The Rainmakers Club is not only a golf course but a peaceful residential community as well. It is located 5 miles southwest of the Sierra Blanca Regional Airport. Designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr., the course perfectly integrates the natural layout of the area into the golf course.
This course is known for being meticulously challenging as every hole requires precision. The first few holes are par fives and truly test the skill set of the player. The rest of the 18 holes either have narrow fairways or fairways covered with native vegetation.
The key element is to let everything go and solely focus on the game. You can enjoy the views after you rack up a victory!

#5 - Black Mesa G.C. La Mesilla

Located 31 miles northwest of the city of Santa Fe in a remote part of the Mexican desert, the Black Mesa Golf Course is a premium course. The architect of this 18-hole golf course is Baxter Spann. He has done a splendid job in breaking the conventional shackles and creating a fresh and intriguing layout.
Every hole in this course is unique from all other courses all over the US. The golf course covers an area of 80 acres of the Mexican desert and preserves the true essence of the desert by the integration of natural sandstone formations.

#6 - Twin Warriors G.C., Santa Ana Pueblo

Just 20 miles north of Albuquerque is the first of two 18-hole golf courses in the area. The Twin Warriors Golf Course is operated by Santa Ana Pueblo, which is connected to Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort.
The course is designed by Gary Pranks and it covers an area of 7700 yards. It sits at over 500 feet above sea level. It is perhaps one of the most underrated golf courses that have the ability to rise to the stars with only a little recognition!

#7- Piñon Hills G. Course. Farmington

The Pinon Hills Golf Course is located in the famous four corners region. It can be accessed by the people residing in the city of Farmington as it’s just 4.5 miles away from the city. Designed by architect Ken Dye, the Pinon Hills cover an area of 1000 acres.
However, the golf course is only laid out in 100,000 cubic yards. It is one of the most meticulous and freely designed golf courses the state has ever seen. The municipality of the area is in charge of the court so it doesn’t cost much to play on this course.

#8 - Cochiti G.C. Cochiti Lake

Cochiti Golf Course is often called ‘heaven with a zip code’ due to the impeccable scenes viewable from the site. It is located amidst the Jemez Mountains in between the cities of Albuquerque and Santa Fe.
This impeccable 18-hole golf course was created by Robert Trent Jones Jr in 1981. The course covers an area of 6900 yards and has been designed to integrate the openness of the area with its open fairways and clean landing areas.

#9 - Sandia G.C., Albuquerque

Sandia Golf Club is set out in a desert just 6 miles north of Albuquerque. The course was designed by Scott Miller. It covers 7772 yards and was inaugurated in 2005. There are challenges caused by the presence of trees because the course is laid out in a rugged desert.
The wind pattern might make a game-changing appearance. Hence, it is vital to play smart here to preserve your ball from falling into the ponds by a gust of wind.

#10 - Univ. Of New Mexico G. Course. (Championship), Albuquerque

Designed by architect Red Lawrence and covering over an area of 7555 yards on a hilly landscape, the University of Mexico Championship Golf course is an 18-hole layout. It is home to The Lobo’s Women’s and Men’s golf teams.
The course is perfectly laid out for practice and championships among universities. The par-4 7th hole and the par-5 9th hole are the most demanding holes of this course.

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