The 9 Best Golf Wedges For High Handicappers in 2021

In our mind, golf wedges are a player’s break-out-of-jail clubs as well as their scoring clubs. They serve many purposes and are likely your most used clubs on the golf course next to your putter. By far, they are the most versatile clubs in your golf bag and are used for all kinds of lies. In addition to your clean fairway lies, they are used in heavy rough, sand bunkers, chipping off the green or from the fringe. They can even be used on old divots, gravel, tree roots, and watery lies, although we sincerely hope your golf shots don’t end up in those places. Anywhere from around 125 yards to within a couple yards of the green, you will find yourself using a golf wedge for your approach. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are different kinds of golf wedges. Basically, you will come across the terms pitching wedge, gap or utility wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge. We will break these down further in the Beginners Guide to golf wedges section below.

Golf wedges can be a tricky club for high handicap players to use. We often hear of players hitting the ball thin (blading it over your target) or fat and chunky (hitting the turf few inches behind the ball first). These shots can be demoralizing to a player and can ruin a hole or even a whole golf round. 

The good news is that the market offers a wide variety of wedge designs with various features and technology. These features do make playing golf wedges easier for high handicappers. Golf wedges that are best suited for this demographic feature a low center of gravity (CG), large forgiving face, correct loft, bounce and grind. Not sure what these terms are? We have you covered in the Guide section below as well. 

Before we guide your through the selection process, here is a run down of the list of our best golf wedges for high handicap and beginner players.

The Best Wedges for Beginners

Cleveland CBX 2 Golf Wedge

Cleveland CBX 2

Best Wedges For Beginners

Packed with technology that maximizes forgiveness, control, and feel on the golf course so you will be striking every shot pure

These irons are extremely popular among golfers still finding their string, as the face surface area is extremely forgiving and will allow you to strike the ball easier. The hollow cavity design yields forgiveness in every lie on the golf course and the Enhanced Feel Balanced technology gives you plenty of feel and spin on your approach shots!

Phil Mickelson Wedge Shot

Best Wedges for the Money

Wilson Staff Harmonized Wedge

Wilson Staff Harmonized

Best Value Golf Wedges

A top tier golf wedge at a price point that won’t make you have to lie about your significant other what you paid for the club!

Wilson staff wedges do not get as much recognition as they probably deserve, especially among beginner golfers. The blade style design is modified to give you more forgiveness than traditional blades with just as much versatility and feel. These come at an excellent price point for the amount of technology and feel you get out of these golf wedges, truly a top budget choice for a great quality set of wedges!

Runner-Up Golf Wedges

Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge

Callaway Mack Daddy CB

Made the Cut - Top Runner-Up Golf Wedges

The deep cavity back design gives you maximum forgiveness and is arguable one of the easiest golf wedges to hit pure and straight on the market

Callaway wedges are extremely popular among professional golfers and the Mack Daddy model is the perfect addition for golfers who aren’t quite tour ready. The JAWS grooves provide outstanding spin rate so you will have no problem keeping the ball on the golf greens. The cavity back design gives you excellent forgiveness and distance, a great choice for a new wedge!

Our Recommendations

Callaway Mack Daddy CB

Callaway wedges are extremely underrated but the cavity back design gives beginner golfers the forgiveness they need to get on the green consistently

Buying Options

Cleveland CBX 2

Top Wedges for High Handicapp Golfers

Cleveland is one of the top wedges used on the PGA tour and the CBX 2 is perfect for beginner or high handicapp golfers

Buying Options

Wilson Staff Harmonized

Budget Friendly Irons

If you are looking for performance without the steep price tag, the Wislon Staff Harmonized wedges are the perfect choice

Buying Options

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Our Research and Findings

The Best Golf Wedges For Beginners / High Handicappers

1. Cleveland CBX 2 - Best Overall Wedges For High Handicappers

The Details:

  • Hollow Cavity Design featuring a hollow chamber near the heel with a heavy weight to maximizing forgiveness
  • Three different sole grinds for the lob wedge, sand wedge and gap wedge
  • Rotex Tour Zip Grooves featuring aggressive milling for maximizing spin and shot control
  • Enhanced Feel Balanced Technology features a Gelback insert to reduce vibration and improved feel. Also included is a toe-bias center of gravity for additional forgiveness
Cleveland CBX 2 Golf Wedge


  • Cavity-back design offers high level of forgiveness and large sweet spot
  • V-shape sole grinds allow players to adapt to different lies and conditions
  • High quality grooves maximize spin for players
  • Golf wedges with a choice of steel or graphite shafts


  • High price per wedge
  • Clunky look with cavity-back design

It’s hard not to talk about another Cleveland wedge since this company is a namesake when it comes to wedge design. For decades they have designed golf wedges that deliver high points on performance. Their CBX 2 wedge is one of their latest products geared towards the high handicap player. Packed with plenty of forgiveness and versatility, the Cleveland CBX 2 is our top performance pick for beginner golfers.

We have talked to other players who sport this wedge in they golf bag and their feedback is the same. These golf wedges provide tons of forgiveness thanks to the Hollow-Cavity. Essentially it is an empty space in the back of the club, but it is also pared with a heavy weight placed behind the clubhead that creates a bigger sweet spot and higher overall forgiveness. 

The Dynamic Sole also compliments the club’s overall forgiveness. The obvious V-shaped sole grind is slightly different between each wedge, but they serve the same purpose. These grinds help players adapt to tight lights, scruffy lies, and sand bunker lies to easily help the golf ball out of tough spots. 

As a cherry on top, Cleveland throws in their specialty Rotex Tour Sip Grooves on the clubface. These are some of the highest quality grooves designed for providing a high amount of backspin no matter where you are hitting from.


Beginners will find good results with these golf wedges, but since it is a cavity back without the wider sole design, the CBX 2 targets high handicap players who have a couple years of golf experience under their belt. This golf wedge is a game improvement wedge designed to shave strokes off your scorecard and have you striking the ball on the green from all over the golf course! It is a premium level wedge so the price is on the higher end, but it does deliver on overall performance.

2. Callaway Mack Daddy CB - Runner-Up Wedges for High Handicap Golfers

Top Features:

  • Callaway’s proprietary JAWS grooves for maximum grip and spin on all types of lies
  • Two options for sole grinds – W Grind for higher lofts, Full sole for lower lofts
  • Deep cavity back design for high level of forgiveness and easy launch


  • Available with a high-performance KBS steel or graphite shafts
  • Very forgiving for players who frequently hit off-center towards the toe
  • High quality grooves won’t require replacing and provides plenty of spin
  • Different sole grind options tailors to different players


  • High price point
  • Oversized club head may not be appealing to some golfers

If you’re looking for a golf wedge that doesn’t make you second guess yourself, the Callaway Mack Daddy CB could be the one for you. Its cavity back design is one of the most forgiving golf wedges available for high handicap golfers Further it provides a great level of control and spin for players looking to save shots in their round.

One of the best features about this wedge are the two different sole grinds available. Callaway has a Full Sole grind for the 46°, 48°, 50° and 52° golf wedges, and a W-Grind for the 54°, 56°, 58° and 60° sand and lob golf wedges. The Full Sole provides an easier turf interaction for the club to glide through the impact zone, where as the W-Sole is design to improve bounce and forgiveness in tough lies such as bunker and heavy rough lies.


This easy to hit wedge is also equipped with Callaway’s JAWS grooves, they are some of the sharpest grooves that deliver maximum spin for your golf shots to stick the green. The ability to spin gives players a level of control especially when playing around the greens. Partnering with KBS and Golf Pride, Callaway equips these golf wedges either with a high-performing KBS steel and graphite shafts and high-quality golf pride grips for amazing feel and control.

You will not be disappointed with having these Callaway wedges in your golf bag as they are a top tier wedge for beginner golfers! The only thing is they are on the expensive side, so it is best to view them as a longer-term investment.

3. Wilson Staff Harmonized - Best Wedges for the Money

The Details:

  • Available in black and chrome finishes depending on preferences
  • Special sole grind design allowing golfers to play shots with open clubface
Wilson Staff Harmonized Wedge


  • Great value for the performance
  • Classic blade design can be visually appealing
  • Comes in multiple lofts, 50°, 52°, 56°, 60° and 64°


  • Grooves do not provide the most backspin compared to other wedge designs
  • Chrome finish can create glare

We love reviewing Wilson Staff products because this company is one of the most underrated golf club manufacturers with plenty of goodies to offer. Their Harmonized golf wedges fit this bill and are a great choice for the high handicap player and they take the spot in our budget pick. Here is why.

First off, the clubhead is a blade design. Now you might be thinking that blades may not play well with high handicap golfers. True, but in this case, the wedge’s clubhead size is slightly larger than other blade design golf wedges and the sole is crafted to 12° of bounce. When combined these features, you get a forgiving wedge that help you hit your shots cleanly and avoid chunking them. That extra bit of curvature at club’s leading edge stops the club from digging into the turf and promotes gliding into your shot. Bonus feature, the club’s CG is relatively low and high handicap golfers should have no issue flying their wedge shots high in the air. 

The Wilson Staff Harmonized golf wedges has five different loft selections listed below. Another option is these golf wedges are available with a chrome or black matte finish depending on what suits the player’s eye.


We encourage you to check out the price of these golf wedges as your eyes may pop. At these low prices, and the performance level of this wedge, you may be inclined to fill all your wedge needs (gap, sand, lob wedge) with all Wilson Harmonized golf wedges. They simply give you bang for your buck. 

If we are to point out one drawback, it would be their grooves. Although the clubface features quality grooves, they don’t quite give golfers that extra spin and control so it may be difficult to hold greens with pitch shots and bunker shots. However, it is still highly performing golf club perfectly created for high handicap golfers.

4. PING Glide 3.0 - Top Golf Wedge on the Market

Top Features:

  • Cavity-back design with an elastomer Custom Tuning Port for larger MOI and lower CG
  • Precision-Milled Grooves for improved spin rate and control 
  • Various grinds available – Old school PING Eye2, Standard Sole, Wide Sole, Thin Sole
Ping Glide 3.0 Wedge


  • Various sole designs available cater to wider range of golfers to suit their game
  • Sharper grooves increase friction and result in more backspin and control
  • Comes with a grip three-quarters inch longer allowing a player to choke down further for improved club control
  • Slightly lighter weight design than the Glide 2.0


  • Price Point
  • High handicap golfers may not see value in the spin and control capabilities

PING’s Glide series of golf wedges has been one of the top golf wedges on market. Now, the company has taken a step further with the 3.0 to make the glide wedge easier to hit for high handicap golfers

It has all the main features of the 2.0 version, but the PING engineers have added an elastomer Custom Tuning Port in the club’s cavity. What this does is lighten club making it easier for golfers to swing, but also increases the MOI and creates a softer feel at impact. This cavity design also lowers the club’s center of gravity to help launch wedge shots higher. 

PING also brings the precision-milled grooves and multiple sole grind designs to the Glide 3.0. These grooves are some of the sharpest in any wedge offering the ability to impart plenty of backspin. The different sole grinds cater to all golfers preferences for look and how the clubhead hits the turf.


The PING Glide 3.0 is one of the top cavity-back wedge designs on the market for high handicap golfers! Especially golfers who are looking for a higher level of spin and control. The only drawback is they on the expensive end of the price spectrum but being one of the top brands in golf it is expected. If you have the budget, this is seriously one of the best wedges for high handicap golfers but you will have to be OK with paying a premium. 

5. Cleveland Smart Sole 4 Golf Wedge

The Details:

  • Extra-wide sole design for easy chipping and bunker shots
  • CNC Milled Grooves providing high level of friction and spin on short shots
  • Low Center of Gravity design helps launch the ball higher


  • A true beginner-player level design to help golfers out of tough spots
  • Easy to hit on from grass or bunkers
  • Wide-sole design greatly reduces the chances of hitting shots fat and chunky (hitting behind the ball)
  • The Chipper club is an excellent addition designed for simple short shots around the green
  • Comes in steel or graphite shafts depending on weight preferences


  • Wide soles do not make the clubs look attractive
  • High price point since it is a newer club

“Embrace Easy” is the tag line for Cleveland’s new Smart Sole 4 Wedge. From experience, I can certainly attest to it being an easy wedge to hit. These golf wedges are specifically designed to help the high handicap golfers’ short game. They are easy to get the ball in the air and offer plenty of forgiveness. 

Cleveland’s Smart Sole has two main design features. The sole is wider than average, and has added bounce on the leading edge. The combination of the two will drastically reduce the chances golfers hit their wedge shots fat or behind the ball. The wider sole with extra bounce helps the club glide through the turf when striking the ball. You just simply have to let the club do the work and you will be rewarded with a decent shot.

The Smart Sole 4 series comes in three golf wedges, gap wedge, sand wedge and chipper. They each have their own lofts, 50°, 58° and 42° respectively. The chipper club is actually an inch and a half shorter than the gap wedge because it is designed for chip shots around the green, typically for bump and run shots given the lower loft. However, it can still be used for longer shots and full swings potentially substituting your pitching wedge. The gap wedge fills the space between your pitching and sand wedge, where the sand wedge is specifically designed to help you with your bunker play. However, keep in mind all of three of these clubs can be used for chipping around the green as well. 

The Cleveland Smart Sole 4 golf wedges also feature CNC milled grooves, which provide a good amount of spin for high handicap golfers. Sometime this is needed when chipping from turf or hitting bunker shots and requiring to stop the ball.


A game made easy. Well, try not to take Cleveland’s marketing for granted, a player still needs to exert a bit of effort to make sure they hit the ball properly. However, Cleveland’s Smart Sole 4 does make short game shots easier and simpler for the high handicap golfer. Cleveland has always been a well-known wedge designer, and these are likely their most forgiving golf wedges available. 

One of the drawbacks is the wide-sole design is not visually appealing. Some golfers may prefer the sleek blade design. But hey, there are no pictures on a scorecard, and we think the Smart Sole 4 can definitely help you lower your golf scores.

Check out our guide on the best irons for high handicapp golfers! You won’t regret finding the right club for your game

6. Taylormade Hi-Toe Bigfoot Wide Sole Wedge

Top Features:

  • Wider sole with deep CG pockets to increase launch and control
  • C-Grind with an anti-dig leading edge to help move the club through turf and sand easier
  • Increased toe height for higher forgiveness 
  • Full face grooves extend through the toe of the club


  • High forgiveness level
  • High quality craftsmanship
  • Wider sole and full-face grooves provide higher spin and more control around the greens


  • Expensive price

TaylorMade does not disappoint when it comes to delivering performance on their golf wedges; you just have to splurge for it. Their Hi-Toe Bigfoot Wedge is indeed one of the most expensive selections on the market. On the same note, this golf club offers the best of both forgiveness and control! 

Starting with the sole, it is generally flat and wide but has a high bounce on the leading edge that stops the club from digging into the turf. High handicap golfers will benefit more from golf wedges gliding through the turf, and the Hi-Toe Bigfoot wedge achieves that. Because of the additional bounce, it will help golfers excavate their balls out of deep rough and bunkers easier. 

The clubface itself is quite forgiving. The overall surface area is larger with the Hi-Toe design. It also features milled grooves that extend the entire length of the clubface, ensuring mis-hits on the toe will still generate plenty of backspin on the golf ball. The Hi-Toe design actually promotes a lower shot trajectory because it shifts the CG higher in the clubhead. This is not necessarily a bad thing. golf wedges have plenty of loft on them to launch the ball high in the air. High handicap golfers who are perhaps a bit more experienced and are looking for a lower shot shape will benefit from this feature.


The Hi-Toe wedge also features a distinguishable copper finish. This can change and rust over time giving it a darker look. Also, TaylorMade offers these golf wedges with a steel or graphite shaft option. 

You won’t be making a bad choice if you’re sold on this wedge. Just be wary they aren’t budget friendly, so be certain that you are making the best selection for your game.

7. C3i Golf Wedges

The Details:

  • AutoGlide Xtreme Sole – 2” wide sole 
  • Optimized CG to boost backspin for shot control
  • Polymer insert on the sole improve feel and sound
  • Alignment guide to help golfers aim at desired target line


  • Super wide sole that is 2” thick making the club easy to hit
  • Glare-reducing black color finish is favorable among golfers
  • Friendly feel at impact


  • Visually unattractive, but is a unique design
  • Only sold in 59° and 65° options
  • Designed only for short, around-the-green shots

The C3i golf wedge comes with a super wide sole design. You may not have heard this brand before but this wedge comes with some out of the box thinking and doesn’t look like your normal cavity back wedge. It features a very wide sole making it easy to use for high handicap golfers. 

Visually, these aren’t the most stunning looking clubs. In fact, you may just flat out dislike their appearance. However, you will be surprised these are some of the best sand wedges and lob wedges for high handicap golfers. Their main feature is the AutoGlide Xtreme Sole design. It is a 2” wide sole that almost entirely eliminates hitting fat shots and promotes the club to glide through the turf. The extra wide sole also helps cut through the sand helping you escape those nasty bunkers. 


The C3i wedge is a true game improvement wedge. Golfers looking to improve their short game around the green will find a ton of confidence in using this club. It is a great option for shots with tough lies and bunker shots.

This wedge is available in 55°, 59° and 65° so it is mainly designed for short distance and around-the-green chip shots. One drawback for this wedge is they are not customizable and only comes with a steel shaft. Beginner golfers may prefer a lighter weight option with a graphite shaft.

8. Pinemeadow PGX Golf Wedge

Specifications and Features:

  • Wide bottom sole creating plenty of forgiveness
  • Cavity back design to promote easy hitting
  • Offered in 52°, 56°, 60° lofts for gap wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge respectively
  • Each wedge built with a steel shaft to 35.75” long
Pinemeadow PGX Wedge


  • Very budget friendly
  • Forgiving club
  • Same lengths for each wedge can promote consistent feel


  • Only available in steel shafts
  • Not the best feel clubs

If you’re prioritizing a tight budget when shopping for a wedge, the Pinemeadow PGX golf wedges are good options. They are one of the least expensive golf wedges on the market and provide decent quality for high handicap golfers. 

Pinemeadow is known for making budget friendly clubs for beginners and high handicap golfers so don’t expect quality materials here. It is still a respectable design with a wide sole and large clubface for forgiveness. They come in gap, sand and lob wedge lofts for any type of situation on the golf course. 

There are some disadvantages. They give off the clunky feel you get after impact which doesn’t feel great on the hands. These golf wedges are only sold with steel shafts where high handicap golfers may prefer the lighter graphite option. The 60° lob wedge comes with only 6° of bounce which can be difficult to use as lower bounce has a tendency to dig into the turf.


This wedge is a pretty basic cavity back design but will do the job for golfers looking for something simple and wallet friendly. You can buy all three lofts of these golf wedges for a price cheaper than a premium level wedge, so definitely worth checking out if you are looking to save some money and get a set of great golf wedges for beginners. 

9. Callaway Sure Out 2 Golf Wedge

Top Features:

  • Wider sole and refined bounce angle designed for tackling bunker shots
  • Full-Face Grooves for more spin and maximum forgiveness
  • Lamkin Step Down Grip that provides marking guides for control
  • Available with a steel or graphite shaft
Callaway Sure Out 2 Wedge


  • A solid go-to club for around-the-green shots
  • Relatively large clubhead and full-face grooves results in maximum forgiveness
  • Incredibly versatile club that is playable from all kinds of lies


  • Lower loft designs not available. Available lofts are geared towards shorter shots
  • High Price

If you’re looking for some help hitting out of the rough and sand bunkers, Callaway has you covered. Teaming up with one of the world’s best golf instructors Hank Haney (former coach of Tiger Woods), Callaway’s engineers have created the new Sure Out 2 wedge, which is an upgrade from the original Sure Out.

It is designed for one main thing, to get your ball out of trouble and make greenside shots easier for the average player. Let’s face it, hitting out of bunkers and heavy rough around the green isn’t easy. I get nervous when I’m faced with a tough bunker shot. The Sure Out 2’s wider sole design and heel relief system are the features that will you with these tough shots. Also, the grooves extend the length of the entire clubface to maximum forgiveness and spin on your shots.


The main disadvantage about this club is that it is not designed for longer distances. 56° is the lower loft available so it is truly a short game / around-the-green club. If you are just starting the game and trying to work on your short distance pitch shots and bunker shots, this club is a worthwhile investment. It will last you many years and can be used for all types of shots around the green. Put this club in your golf bag and you will see yourself shaving strokes off your rounds!

A Beginners Guide to the Basics of Golf Wedges

Golf wedges are both your scoring and shot-saving clubs. They can help turn a tough round into a decent one by saving you strokes. High handicap golfers will benefit most by finding the golf wedges that suit them best and lowering their scores. Deciding on which golf wedges to buy requires knowing a few key terms and understanding how they affect performance. Developing that knowledge and getting accustomed to these factors when playing will take your game to a whole other level.

Below are the most important factors to consider before purchasing a wedge for your golf bag. Consider this your wedge basics 101.

Types of Golf Wedges

Pitching Wedge

This is the most common wedge and usually comes with your set of irons when purchased. It is the next shortest club after your 9-iron and typically has a loft between 44° and 48° loft depending on the manufacturer. Pitching golf wedges are versatile ranging from greenside chipping, to 25 to 50-yard chip shots away from the green, to 125-yard approach shots. When chipping from around the green with pitching golf wedges, the ball will have a fair amount of roll after it lands on the green.

Gap Wedge

Sometimes golfers have a gap between their pitching wedge and sand wedge distances they need to be bridged. It hits shorter distances than a pitching wedge but longer than a sand wedge. Hence, the name Gap Wedge. These golf wedges are commonly designed and sold with 50° or 52° loft. 53° is an available option as well.

Sand Wedge

The sand wedge typically ranges from 54° to 58° with 10° to 12° bounce (we will discuss bounce further in this article). This wedge can be one of your most frequently used golf wedges. It is the go-to club for distances with 100 yards, either from a clean or scruffy lie in the rough. It is essential for bunker shots long and short and is designed to get your ball airborne quickly. Simply put, it is the most versatile wedge available.

Our opinion is that any high handicap or beginner level player should equip their golf bag with a sand wedge. It is a club that can get you out of any tough spots, even if it means hacking it back onto the fairway from the deep rough. Common golf bag set ups include one 54° or one 56°, or both a 54° and 58° in the golf bag.

Lob Wedge

Lob golf wedges offer even more loft than your sand golf wedges. They most commonly are designed to 60°, but 64° designs are available too. Lob golf wedges are built to launch your ball as high as possible and generate the most backspin on your shots. It is also the least forgiving wedge that is hardest to learn hitting, but when you begin to master it you will be rewarded. Tough situations such as bunker shots with high elevated banks, chip shots with little to no green to work with, or tight pin locations 20 to 70 yards away, can be solved with the use of a lob wedge. It is also great for simple chips around the green.

Center of Gravity in a Golf Wedge

You have probably seen this term before in our other articles but it doesn’t hurt to refresh. The CG of a wedge is the point in the clubhead where it is perfectly balanced. A CG moved lower and to the back in a clubhead (away from the clubface), will result in higher launch angle with more spin. This is beneficial for beginners and high handicappers.

Bounce and Grind

Starting with Bounce, this term refers to the angle between the club-face and the sole of the club. More specifically, it measures the angle between the leading edge of the sole and the sole’s lowest point in contact with the turf. The higher the bounce angle, the higher the leading edge is off the ground when the club is at address. What does this all mean? 

To understand bounce, think of a shovel versus a baseball bat. A shovel can easily dig into the ground because of it’s sharp leading edge, while a bat can’t do squat for digging since it is curved. For golf wedges, think of bounce as the degree the wedge can dig into the turf. A wedge with a low degree of bounce will dig into the ground and have a tendency to result in a fat shot. High degrees of bounce literally allow your wedge to ‘bounce’ off the turf and help your wedge hit the ball solid. 

A low degree of bounce is not a bad thing. In fact, more advanced golfers prefer playing lower bounce on golf courses with firmer turf conditions so they can strike the ball purer. In softer conditions, higher bounce may be preferred so your wedge doesn’t dig into the turf too steeply and cause too much backspin. 

Shifting over to Grind, this characteristic describes the shape of the club’s sole. For beginners or high handicap level golfers, this isn’t a property you need to worry about until you get more experience. It likely won’t affect your scores very much. However, just for awareness, grind is a customizable property where golfers can have their clubs literally ‘grinded’ to their preferred shape allowing them to play in all sorts of lies.

Cavity Back vs Blade Wedges

When shopping for golf wedges, you can have two main categories on wedge design – cavity backs and blades. For high handicap and beginner level golfers, we highly recommend selecting cavity back design golf wedges starting out. They are typically a large clubhead design with a thicker sole allowing more peripheral weight for increased forgiveness on mis-hits. Cavity-back golf wedges also have lower center of gravity resulting in easier and higher launch of the ball. The average player does not consistently hit their shots on the center of the wedge, and cavity backs help those shots travel straight and fly high compared to blades. 

Blades feature smaller clubhead sizes, thinner soles, higher CGs and are typically forged from blocks of carbon steel. They are also known as “muscle-backs” because of their solid one-piece clubhead versus the cavity-back design that usually has a hollowed-out cavity with multi-material compositions. 

Blade-style golf wedges are easy on the eyes, higher performing and potentially more accurate than cavity-backs, but are less forgiving and harder to master than their counterpart. There is always a trade-off when designing for forgiveness versus control. Low handicap golfers and tour professionals sacrifice on forgiveness and use blade-style golf wedges because they provide better control and feel than the cavity-backs. 

We are certainly not saying you should avoid blades altogether. We have played with high handicap golfers who sport a combination of a cavity back pitching wedge with a blade sand wedge and other mixes. It is best to shop around and try out different golf wedges to find the optimal setup for you.

Golf Wedge Shaft

When buying new golf wedges, they are typically equipped with a standard steel wedge flex shaft. Pitching golf wedges may be setup with a light graphite or heavier steel shaft depending on the iron set that you buy. What is the right decision? There is no right or wrong here, only what feels best for you. However, we do have some suggestions for both and they dependent on your swing speed.

Beginners typically have slow swing speeds so a lighter graphite shaft on a wedge would be best. The lighter weight allows for easy swinging and better control of the club. golfers with faster swing speeds will find steel beneficial. A fast swinging player using a lighter graphite shaft may see poor accuracy in their shots and feel the light shaft is too ‘whippy’.


There are no other clubs in your golf bag that will get you out of tough sticky situations like the wedge. It is an essential part of the golf golf bag and are the most versatile clubs you will use. Short distance shots, chip shots, bunkers shots are not easy to master, and as you can see there are many designs of golf wedges to help you out in these parts of the game. To figure out what design suits you best there are certainly a few questions you need to answer for yourself. We have put together a short guide below to help with this, so feel free to take a gander. 

We have left you with our top selections for golf wedges and we hope our reviews will help you with your decision. Happy shopping!

Let me know your thoughts and any questions you have. Like this article? Feel free to give it a share!

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