The 10 Best Golf Irons For High Handicappers in 2021

So, you got your first taste of golf last season and are looking to build on your game next season. You’ve hit your share of nice shots and know you can hit it better and more often. You’ve got the itch! The great game of golf is certainly addicting, and we understand that nothing can be more satisfying than hitting your iron shots pure and seeing the ball fly high and straight. 

Irons are a critical part of your golf set and it is imperative you make the right choice for your golf game. Arguably, hitting the driver from tee-to-fairway is the easier part of your game compared to hitting your irons. But when it comes to bringing your ball from fairway to green, that’s where your irons need to shine and come through for your golf game. Being able to strike your irons well and see your shot flight high and straight towards the green is the ultimate goal. Having the right iron set that allows you to do this is equally important.

The Best Irons for Beginners

Titleist T300 Golf Irons

Titleist T300 Irons

Best Irons For Beginners

The Titleist T300 irons cover all your bases for a beginner golfer; forgiving clubface, long distance, and a high launch angle

Titleist irons are known for their high quality and are one of the top irons used on the PGA Tour. With the T300 irons, you will be getting tour grade performance with more forgiveness to perfect your golf shots on the course. The high launch angle will have you sticking the ball close to the pin on your approach shots!

Longest Beginner Irons

Cleveland HB Launcher Golf Irons

Cleveland HB Launcher Irons

Hitting Bombs - Straight!

Cleveland golf has made huge strides in the golf improvement space, and these are some of the longest golf irons for beginners you will find on the market today

Cleveland irons have somewhat of a cult following, a lot of golfers swear by them and continue to come back. The HB Launcher irons are built for distance, and will definitely help beginner golfers put some yards on their iron play! These have a forgiving club face so you do not need to hit the ball perfectly ever time!

Budget Friendly Choice

Wilson D7 Golf Irons

Wilson D7 Irons

Most Affordable Irons for Beginners

The Wilson D7 irons are an innovative product at an extremely attractive price point. They are definitely worth checking out for your next set of irons

Wilson isn’t typically known for high performance golf clubs, but the D7 golf irons have some of their best technological improvements yet! The progressive power holes in the bottom help add on yardage to your long irons and the wide club face will make sure your shots are straight as an arrow! They also have a great launch angle to help you get the ball up and stick it on the green.

Our Recommendations

Cleveland HB Launcher

Long, Straight Bombs

Cleveland Golf has made these irons extremely long and easy to hit, perfect for golfers with a higher handicapp

Buying Options

Titleist T300

Top Irons for High Handicapp Golfers

Our top choice for the year has forgiveness, distance, and control built into one sleek looking set of irons

Buying Options

Wilson D7

Budget Friendly Irons

If you are looking for performance combined with value, the Wilson D7 golf irons are the best choice and are easy on the wallet

Buying Options

Our Research and Findings

As a beginner golfer, when it comes to choosing the best iron set for yourself, think of the words ‘forgiveness’ and ‘consistency’. Forgiveness means when you don’t hit the ball on the sweet spot of the iron clubface, the resulting shot can still fly high and straight with decent distance. Consistency means how often you can do it. Of course, a large of this comes with practice, but at the end of the day, choosing the right set of irons that feels best in your hands, and feels most natural when you swing are good ways to find what suits your game best!

We have spent months reviewing and researching the best beginner irons for golfers, and not surprisingly there are candidates that shine more than others. We dove into many player reviews online and even tried these irons yourself to provide you the best feedback. No doubt, some irons performed better than others in terms of value and performance, or both. We hope you enjoy this article and find a set of irons that have you impressing your buddies as you stick your shots close to the hole

The Best Golf Irons For Beginners / High Handicappers

1. Titleist T300 - Best Overall Irons For High Handicappers

The Details:

  • Tungsten weighting combined with longer clubhead length for higher MOI
  • Max Impact technology to deliver maximum ball speed
  • Silicone Polymer core for reducing unwanted impact vibrations
  • Cavity-back design with a classic iron look and progressive profiles
Titleist T300 Golf Irons


  • Attractive looking design, typical of classic Titleist irons
  • Firm feeling at impact providing good feedback to players
  • Stronger lofts generate additional distance compared to other iron models


  • Price point. When it comes to Titleist, you pay for the quality, performance and brand value

Typically, Titleist is not a company that dabbles in game improvement irons. Their first foray into the space were their AP1 model irons, which were somewhat successful and received players’ attention to a certain degree. We wanted to provide the T300 with some spotlight so our readers know there are hidden gems in the golf improvement iron space. You may be excited to hear that Titleist’s T300 gave improvement irons are next level to the former models. If you loved the AP1, you’re going to love the T300 even more. 

When it comes to looks, at address this iron projects an attractive appearance. Much of that bulky cavity is hidden in the back of the club when you stand over the club. However, keep in mind that bulkiness holds all the Titleist technology to provide you the forgiveness, feel and high launch characteristics of the T300.

Distance and forgiveness certainly come through in these irons. Not only do these irons have one-degree stronger lofts than a typical iron, the cavity design combined with the Max Impact technology raises ball speed to another level giving players added distance. An added feature is the lower amount of spin generated after impact. Lower spin can make it difficult for shots to stick on the greens, but this also means the ball travels farther, and would have lower sidespin for improved accuracy. When considering forgiveness, Titleist’s use of tungsten is a game changer. Using this material bulks up the clubhead but it also increased that coveted sweet spot area, where mishits still see fast ball flights.


When put together, the T300 is a top performer in the game improvement iron space. Titleist again delivers on quality and performance, but they certainly make players pay for it. The pricing is on the higher end of the spectrum. It may not be the first choice for beginners given this factor, but if you have some extra cash to burn, why not treat yourself!

2. Cleveland HB Launcher - Longest Irons for Beginner Golfers

Top Features:

  • Hybrid design incorporated in the iron design
  • High-strength HT 1770M steel clubface
  • Deeper center of gravity resulting in higher launch
  • Transitional sole width – wider soles for longer irons, narrower soles for short irons


  • True game improvement irons for beginners providing a high level of forgiveness and high launch angles to build player confidence
  • Larger sole design helps promote higher launch angle from fairway shots and easier to escape the rough
  • Higher launch angle from thin hits of the ball
  • Available in steel and graphite shaft for player weight preferences
  • Solid feeling club to ball contact when hitting on or off the sweet spot


  • Visually, the clubheads are more like hybrids than irons, hence the ‘HB’, and can appear clunky
  • Little capacity for distance control as a player’s game improves
  • Feeling after contact provides little feedback for the player

The new Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Irons is Cleveland’s latest addition to the beginner golfer and game-improvement category. The idea behind these irons was to provide players the ability to hit the green at any spot on the golf course (fairway, rough, deep rough, sand). Arguably, for the average golfer the chances of hitting the green is lower than hitting fairways off the tee. To that point, statistics provided by Cleveland engineers found average golfers hit the green with their irons less than 20% of the time from the fairway. It is even lower from the rough, and less than a third of the time on par threes. No golfer would be a fan of these stats, especially when playing their fellow golf buddies for prizes or bragging rights. 

Cleveland attempts to swing the numbers more in your favor, and after our research we think these irons will greatly help your green approach game. In 2020, the Launcher HB Turbo Irons even made the “Golf Digest Gold Hot List” in the Best Super Game Improvement Irons category. Their slogan for these irons, “Easy to hit and faster than ever”, is true to its word. After testing on our end, these irons are indeed easy to get the ball in the air with minimal effort in the swing. Not surprisingly, these irons are design for the low to medium swing speed category. Faster swing speed players will likely find these irons underperform and therefore not suit their game. For your average beginner however, these clubs provide a very high level of forgiveness where off-center hits still travel high and far. A large part of the reason is the clubface’s high strength steel material for fast ball speed, and lower center of gravity in the sole of the clubhead.


The Cleveland HB Launcher irons fall into a category of “hybrid irons”. Visually, they aren’t the most attractive looking set of clubs, but they get the job done for the average beginner player. In summary, they are likely the most forgiving irons available on the market. Beginner golfers will find plenty of enjoyment hitting these irons and seeing their shots launch and fly.

3. Wilson D7 Irons - Best Sounding Beginners Driver

The Details:

  • Ultra Thin Club Face for fast ball speeds, longer distances and improved feel
  • Progressive Power Holes – higher number of Power Holes in longer irons for maximum distances. Lower Power Hole counts in shorter irons for increased feel and accuracy
  • Re-AKT Technology for faster ball speeds and more balanced perimeter weighting
  • Cleaner aesthetics with straight lines and clean top lines for better visuals
Wilson D7 Golf Irons


  • Light weighted club for easier swinging
  • Price is excellent value for the performance
  • Progressive power holes provide wide ranging capabilities for each club


  • Looks aren’t the most attractive, but is a non-issue if you prioritize performance
  • Chrome finish can result in glare and can scratch easy

Wilson is a bit of an under-appreciated brand, but you may find great value with their D7 irons. Their overall performance is surprising, and the irons are absolutely worth considering. I had the pleasure of trying these irons and I can certainly vouch for the experience. 

When trying these clubs, I was surprised to see height of the ball flight throughout the entire set of irons. Even on long irons I was able to get the ball to a towering height. No doubt, this was a result of Wilson’s Re-AKT Technology combined with the progressive power holes. What are these power holes? I wondered myself! After more digging (pun intended), these power holes are essentially small cavities in the sole of the club injected with a small amount of urethane. This feature is a big contributor to increasing ball speed off the clubface. With the Ultra Thin Face, it’s no surprise the ball launch angles are higher. Beginner players should be excited about this set of irons and how easily it is to control your shots on the golf course! 

The addition of urethane also results in a softer feel and crisp sound at impact which can be appealing to some players. Shorter irons have less power holes. The reason for this is it allowed Wilson to redistribute the weight to the heel and toe of the club and increase the MOI, thus maximizing forgiveness.


In terms of looks, personally it’s not my favorite because I am not a fan of chrome finishes. However, I can see how it’s appealing to other players. The clubhead’s sole is not too wide but can appear clunky with the chrome. 

Altogether, the Wilson D7 is a pleasant surprise. Beginner golfers will appreciate the forgiveness level these clubs provide and will find the game more enjoyable when they see what the Power Hole technology can do for their distances. The cherry on top is you get all these performance features without having to break the bank and sell your arm for these irons.

4. Callaway Mavrik Max - Most Consistent Beginner Irons

Top Features:

  • Artificial Intelligence clubhead design for increased ball speed and spin
  • Urethane microspheres for absorbing vibrations and improving feel
  • Tungsten material core for optimal weighting and CG position
  • Flash Face Cup technology for optimal ball launch and flight
Callaway Mavrik Max Golf Irons


  • Plenty of forgiveness compared to other beginner iron sets
  • High launch angles and higher spins
  • Slightly extra hozzle offset allowing players to square the clubface easier
  • Crisp feel as a result of the microsphere technology


  • Shorter distance capabilities than competitors from higher lofts
  • Chrome finish can scratch easy

Callaway’s innovative Flash Face technology has found itself in their entire MAVRIK line this year including their irons. It’s a result of their use of artificial intelligence and has led to creating another hot set of beginner irons that provide better consistency and performance! Not to mention, this has also landed the Mavrik Max irons onto Golf Digest’s Gold Hot List in the super game improvement category. If you are a Callaway player like I am, and you enjoyed hitting their drivers with Flash Face technology, you’ll be very curious how it plays for irons. 

As with other super game improvement irons, the Mavrik Max irons are designed for the lower to medium swing speed players for getting the ball in the air easier. Unlike some other irons, the Mavrik Max irons actually has slightly weaker lofts than their regular Mavrik counter part and other SGI competitors. This makes sense as weaker (higher) lofts will actually help beginner players achieve a higher launch in their golf shots. This results in the irons not being the longest ones on market, but they still achieve desirable distances thanks to the Flash Face technology. When combined with Callaway’s use of the tungsten core for optimizing center of gravity, it produces favorable results.


In terms of feel, the use of urethane microspheres in the clubhead dissipates that unwelcome loud and harsh vibration at impact. In fact, after personally trying these irons, shots came off crisp with the feeling the ball was travelling fast. Surprisingly, as forgiving as these irons are, the feedback when hitting these irons was way more than expected. What this means was I was able to tell whether the ball was hit off center and going left or right. This is likely a result of the flash face design with the urethane incorporated and can be a useful feature. 

In summary, the Mavrik Max is a solid choice in terms of performance and consistency. They are fairly “big” looking irons, with a relatively thick looking top line, but this is typical for irons built for forgiveness. Beginners will love these golf irons, and the name carries some swag as well!

5. Taylormade SIM Max Golf Irons

These irons are packed with various Taylormade technologies namely the, Inverted Cone, Echo Damping, Speed Bridge and Speed Pocket technologies. We can picture all your question marks and will break down what each of them do and how they affect your golf game.

The Details:

  • Inverted Cone Technology incorporated in the clubhead for improved accuracy
  • Thinner clubface compared to predecessors for higher ball speed and forgiveness
  • Wider sole for a low and back Center of Gravity position for higher ball launch
  • Speed Pocket and Speed Bridge Technology for higher ball speed and forgiveness, and improved feel
Taylormade SIM Max Golf Irons


  • Great combination of forgiveness and performance
  • Plenty of technology incorporated in the irons
  • Appeals to golfer outside the beginner group because of the forged feeling


  • Pricing is on the high end
  • Bulky head design

When it comes to beginner golf irons, typically performance is the priority over feel. Our friends at Taylormade have managed to bring a bit more feel into their high-performance irons, the SIM Max. With these irons, Taylormade’s goal was to deliver a beginner iron set with a forged-like feel without compromising the distance and forgiveness capabilities. After ample research and testing ourselves, we think Taylormade has done a great job in achieving this scope. 


When it came to sound and feel, Taylormade was looking for improvements as previous iron sets such as the M6 and M4 received poor reviews regarding this space. As a result, their Echo Damping system helps neutralize those harsh vibrations that are unpleasant for golfers’ hands. The Speed Bridge technology provides the forged-like feel that is unique to beginner level iron sets. Players looking for that solid feeling contact with clubhead stability will be impressed with this feature. 

In terms of distance, Taylormade has continued to make strides. Combined with the Speed Bridge, the SIM Irons clubface is 17% thinner which translates to higher ball speed and overall longer distance. On top, when combined with their Inverted Cone Technology, the forgiveness factor is now included. This has allowed the clubface to have a larger sweet spot area where off center hits will still travel a long distance. Taylormade’s Inverted Cone Technology has been incorporated in their clubs for many years, even through their R-series club line. It is a proven and patented technology that increases ball speed, distance and forgiveness for players.

Overall, the SIM Max irons are a top choice for beginner golfers and will definitely not let you down! What distinguishes these beginner level irons from the rest are the technologies put in to provide that extra level of feel. It still maintains the high level of forgiveness and distance making this iron a real high performer. It is on the pricier end but does indeed hit on all the notes.

6. Cobra T-Rail Combo Irons

Top Features:

  • Hollow body design to promote effortless feel while increasing ball speed off the clubface
  • Baffler Rail Technology – Cobra’s signature design now introduced in their beginner level iron set for hitting your shots out of any tough lies
  • Variable thickness forged E9 clubface with high strength steel for maximum forgiveness


  • Cobra’s beloved Baffler Rail design now makes it easier to hit out of the rough
  • Customer flexibility with the option of switching out long irons for their hybrids in the T-Rail Combo set
  • High launch and high ball speed capabilities


  • Typical clunkiness appearance with SGI type irons
  • Pricing higher than average for beginner set irons

Easy to swing, easy to get the ball airborne. Are we getting your attention already? Cobra Golf has created a beginner set of game improvement irons that does just that. Some of you may remember their original Baffler Rail fairway wood. This was a popular club where the technology (also known as T Rail) allowed golfers to extract their ball from tough lies. Cobra’s has spent years using rails to help players out of sticky situations. Now they are bringing that expertise and beloved technology into their irons. Here we review their T Rail Combo Irons.

After many hours of reviewing feedback, the biggest positive from golfer playing these irons is their gain in confidence, and we can see why. The combination of Cobra Golf’s Baffler Rail technology and the Hollow Body design gives golfers the ability effortless launch the ball high from any lie. The Baffler rails are positioned on the clubs’ sole and they help guide the club through the turf providing much needed versatility for the beginner golfer. That means, just before impact the clubhead will strike the ball cleaner compared to other irons. 

The wider sole combined with the Hollow Body results in a lower CG (center of gravity) positioned near the back of the club. This lets our fellow golfers to launch their shots high and seeing them fly.


It isn’t any surprise that Cobra’s T Rail set of irons have wider soles and deeper CG much like many other SGI irons from various brands. Wide soles and deep bodies are a must-have for beginners who prioritize forgiveness and easy launch. In addition to the T Rail technology, the iron’s aesthetics does set Cobra apart from the pack. In our opinion, Cobra has done a great job with color and cosmetics to make these irons more visually attractive with better shelf appeal. 

One other consideration is Cobra gives the customer the option of switching out the longer hybrid irons such as the 4 and 5-irons for true hybrids. Hence, the “combo” in the iron T Rail combo name. And of course, the hybrids also have the Baffler Rails on their soles. One drawback about the T Rail is the pricing. There is plenty of detail and Cobra technology incorporated in the design that brings the iron set price higher than average. However, if your goal is simply to have fun and play better golf, the T Rail set is worth checking out.

7. Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metal Iron Set

The Details:

  • Seamless Cup Face for higher ball speeds and forgiveness
  • Chromoly metal for thinner clubface design resulting in higher ball speeds
  • Pearl Brush finish for reducing glare and improving aesthetics
  • Stability Frame providing perimeter weighing biased toward the toe for forgiveness
  • Harmonic Impact technology for solid feel and sound at impact
Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metal Golf Irons


  • Iron design caters to beginners and intermediate level players
  • Crisp feel and solid sound at impact
  • Not your typical clunky looking SGI irons. More of a classic iron design for better visuals 


  • Irons have no offset which can be difficult for beginners to square the clubface
  • Stronger lofts can result in lower launch angles

Mizuno’s JPX product line has been increasingly popular over the past couple years. We have found Mizuno takes player review and feedback seriously and translates it into improvements. The 3rd generation Mizuno JPX irons certainly captures these improvements and makes some serious strides. With some changes in materials and design, the JPX 921 Hot Metal Irons are among the fastest, longest, most enjoyable irons on market. The Hot Metal Pro Irons provide a more compact profile tailored to intermediate players, while the regular Hot Metal Pro Irons are wider reaching and are ideal for beginners and intermediate players. 

In terms ball speed, the JPX 921 Hot Metal with give beginners that edge. You’ll never have to worry about clubbing up next to your buddies again! They could very likely be the fastest irons available. Combining Mizuno’s Chromoly 4120 metal and the Seamless Cup Face has created a clubface nearly 0.5mm thinner than their previous generation irons. Adding the Stability Frame gives the irons (and the player) an extra edge as it greatly increases forgiveness for off-center hits. These irons do however come in stronger (lower) lofts than other brands and therefore produce lower launch angles. They do however produce lower spin as well thus resulting in longer distances.

Mizuno also takes these beginner irons to another level with their attention to the feel and sound at impact. As a Mizuno iron player myself, these factors can be important for a golfer as their game improves. There is a saying, “Nothing else feels like a Mizuno”. This is true, even for the beginner level Hot Metal Irons. In order to improve your game, a beginner needs feedback. Mizuno’s integration of Harmonic Impact Technology provides that for a player giving a solid striking feel and sound.


Another signature feature to these Mizuno irons are the smaller head and attractive look. By smaller head, I mean these irons aren’t the clunky looking SGI irons typical of other brands. While looks are in the eye of the beholder, the Hot Metal Pros offer players a more compact sleeker looking iron on and off the shelf. 

Mizuno’s Hot Metal irons are a great choice for producing fast ball speeds, longer distances with generous forgiveness. These attractive looking irons will fit nicely in your bag and you can brag about them as you hit your shots past everyone else you are playing with on the golf course!

8. Cleveland Launcher CBX Golf Irons

Specifications and Features:

  • V Shape grinds on the sole to adapt to any lie
  • Microcavity for optimizing center of gravity and improving feel
  • Launcher Cup Face technology for increased ball speed and forgiveness 
  • Zip grooves for added feel and control
Cleveland Launcher CBX Golf Irons


  • Clean looking iron at address with a simple design
  • Amazing distance and feel on center-face hits
  • Excellent value for the club’s overall performance


  • Thicker top line for longer irons may be unattractive
  • Loss of distance on off center hits but still a very forgiving club
  • Matte finish lead to notable scratches

Another notable Cleveland iron set worth considering is their Launcher CBX edition. This iron set design has been around for a couple years but is still a contender in the game improvement space. If you’re looking for more for a classic golf iron look but with all the benefits of a beginner iron set, this may be for you. Yes, when I say classic, visually it is like your classic muscle back irons typical for higher skill level low handicap players. However, no need to sound the alarm! The Launcher CBX iron set is aimed at the high handicapper space providing the much-needed distance and forgiveness.

The classic cavity back design is apparent with these irons, but it’s not their only selling point. The Cleveland Launcher CBX V-Shape grinds on the sole allowing the player to excavate their ball easier from tough lies. It also features a progressive top line thickness where the CBX long irons are a thicker club to help launcher the ball farther and higher, while the CBX short irons also provide high launch but also more control for the player. Are you picturing throwing darts on the golf course with your CBX Launcher wedges and short irons and taking your buddies’ money? We certainly are!

When it comes to distance, Cleveland’s integration of the Microcavity and Launcher Cup Face technology is where this club shines. These two features not only maximize ball speed, but also the forgiveness. It is not most forgiving beginner iron set compared to other wider sole / hybrid designs, so that is where it may lose points with customers. From personal experience, off-center strikes still travel a decent distance without going way off target.


The Launcher CBX irons aren’t simply for distance and forgiveness. Cleveland takes it to another level providing players with a level of accuracy and feel, especially for the short irons. This is inherent in the clubhead’s classic design combined with the zip grooves. For the longer irons, players can expect the launch shots longer distances with decent forgiveness. This is a great set of golf irons for beginners and we highly recommend taking a few swings with these!

9. Cobra F-Max Airspeed Golf Irons

Top Features:

  • Deep Undercut with Low Profile providing low center of gravity for high launch and forgiveness
  • Additional weighting near the heel of the club to improve shot accuracy
  • Overall light weight construction and a light golf shaft
Cobra F-Max Airspeed Golf Irons


  • Easy to swing, easy to get the ball in the air
  • Progressive hozzle design 
  • Lighter weight allows players to increase clubhead speed leading to longer distances
  • Shaft design comes 5 grams lighter than previous year’s Airspeed line
  • Very reasonable pricing


  • Loses performance at higher swing speeds
  • If you’re looking for feel, these aren’t the irons for you

Easy to hit and affordable. These are the two priorities Cobra had in mind when producing the F Max Airspeed Irons, and to achieve this, Cobra made every component of the iron design lighter. These are indeed some of the lightest, easiest-to-swing golf irons on market. In fact, these are the lightest irons Cobra has ever designed. And absolutely, the price tag is attractive to beginner golfers who are on a budget. 

To be fair, the Airspeed Irons are tailored to a wide group of golfers who love playing the game but don’t quite swing at the same speed as before. The club’s material and design for easy launch and low spin makes the game enjoyable for golfers. Frankly, there isn’t anything revolutionary about this iron set’s technology. It is your classic low center of gravity, wide sole profile. Additional weight profile is placed near the heel of the clubs, so it helps players minimize the slicing tendency. In fact, this set up may promote a bit of a draw.

The Max Airspeed Irons do feature a progressive hozzle design where longer irons have shorter hozzles to help lower the CG allowing players to get their shots in the air easier. The hozzles get longer as you progress to your mid irons and short irons resulted in flatter ball flights. Longer irons also feature more offset to help players square the club.


As far as Cobra is concerned, then it comes to the Airspeed Irons, the lighter the better. The lighter the irons, the faster beginners and high handicappers can swing them, and therefore the easier to get the ball flying. The great game of golf is also a tough one so you wouldn’t want too much weight on your game, literally. It also doesn’t hurt to know the Max Airspeed Irons are some of the best value, brand name beginner golf irons on market. Your wallet can breathe a sigh of relief.

10. Ping G410 Irons

The Details:

  • COR-Eye Technology for maximizing forgiveness
  • Co-Molded Cavity Bridge for a solid feel and sound
  • Toe-Hosel Weighting for additional forgiveness
  • Flexing Zone to promote higher ball flight and launch angle
Ping G410 Golf Irons


  • Easy to achieve high ball flights
  • Increased MOI compared to previous iron versions resulting in increased forgiveness
  • Highly consistent performing iron
  • Sleek and clean looking iron


  • Pricing on the higher end. 
  • No other faults. It’s a well-designed iron!

Although these irons are nearly two seasons old, the PING G410 irons are still a worthy contender in the game improvement category and should be considered when shopping for your new set. The G410 appear to be an update to the very successful G400, but it is so much more. PING chose to focus more on achieving a cleaner and sharper look for these irons, but amazing it does not come at the cost of performance on the golf course! In fact, they’ve raised the bar in terms of performance for these irons. 

Starting with the aesthetics. The PING G410 clubheads are slightly shorter than their predecessors with 10% less offset. The relatively thin topline and matte grey finish on the entire clubhead produces an attractive shape for the player. 

When it comes to performance, PING’s focus was on the clubs’ MOI, which is essentially the level of forgiveness. Combining the COR-Eye technology with Toe-Hosel Weighting has PING realizing an 8% increase in MOI from their previous irons! Golfers can now enjoy increased consistency seeing their shots travel similar distances and direction more frequently. The COR-Eye technology also serves to quicken ball speed and promote higher launch angles off the clubface. One word comes to mind when beginners experience these results for themselves – confidence.


Aside from the smaller clubhead, the higher MOI gives the G410 high marks. Beginner level golfers typically prioritize forgiveness, and the PING G410 satisfies the need. Off-center hits still produce quick ball speeds and high trajectories. Not to mention, the great looking shape and finish will make any players’ bag attractive. The Ping G410 are some of the best striking golf irons for beginners and are definitely worth the investment for your golf game!

A Beginners Guide to the Basics of Golf Irons

We appreciate you reading through this article, and we’re not surprised if there are certain words, concepts or acronyms that have left you scratching your heads. When you’re ready to purchase your set of irons, it certainly is an exciting time. You have the entire season coming up to enjoy your new sticks, but we also want you to be informed as well as possible. Below are some of the terms and explanations to keep in mind when deciding on which iron to buy.

Center of Gravity for Golf Irons

In golf, the Center of Gravity (CG) is essentially the point at which the golf club head is perfectly balanced. You’ve read us talking about lower CG in clubheads. It is a physics term, but certainly the lower the CG in a clubhead, and the farther back it is in the clubhead, the easier it is to hit your shots in the air.

Golf Iron Hozzle

This is the part of the golf club where the shaft connects with the clubhead. Designers can vary the length of the hozzle to adjust weighting along the entire club.

Golf Iron Sweet Spot

Essentially this is the center of the clubface. When a player strikes their ball at the center of the clubface, they can expect the ball to produce great looking flight with acceptable distance.

Golf Iron Forgiveness

This is the ability for an iron to still produce a reasonably high flying shot with distance if you hit your ball off-center. Beginner level irons typically have high forgiveness levels (larger sweet spots) so beginners and high handicap players can better enjoy the game. More advanced players and irons typically have much smaller sweet spots and lower forgiveness.

Golf Iron Clubface

When you square the clubface, you essentially produce a straight ball flight, or at least in the direction of your target line. You may also hear the terms ‘pushed shot’ (open clubface) or ‘pulled shot’ (closed clubface). For a right-handed golfer, a pushed shot is where the clubface is open and the ball travels to the right. For a pulled shot where the clubface is closed, the ball travels to the left. See the image summary below. As you can probably determine, squaring the club face produces the best result.

Golf Iron Launch Angle

This is the angle relative to the ground your ball will launch when the club strikes. Higher launch angles typically translate to longer distances if the ball is struck well because it will fly in the air for a longer period of time.

Golf Iron Moment of Inertia

MOI stands for moment of inertia. What the heck is it? Essentially, this is a measure of how much resistance a clubhead has against twisting when striking a golf ball. The higher the MOI, the more resistance it is has and therefore the more forgiving the golf club will play. The higher the resistance the better chance your shots will travel straight on off-center hits. Practically all of the above irons review sport high MOI ratings.

Golf Iron Toe / Heel

The part of the clubhead attached to the hozzle and shaft, while the toe is opposite side of the clubhead from the heel.


As you can see, there are plenty of selections for beginner irons, and plenty of factors to consider. Generally, most beginner golfers want to see their irons shots fly high and straight. Sticking shots next to the hole doesn’t hurt either. Finding the set of irons that feels most comfortable to you and best suits your game is most important. My pick for the best beginner golf iron is the Cobra T Rail Combo Irons for hitting high notes on performance. Their versatility allows golfers to get out of a bind in tough lies or thick rough, and Cobra’s signature Baffler Rail technology gives shots from the fairway a great chance at hitting greens. 

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