The Top Putters For High Handicappers in 2021

Smashing your drives long and straight is pretty cool, but draining that 20-foot putt for birdie with perfect pace, perfect line and hearing the sweet sound of the ball drop in the hole is next level! Ok, maybe that’s not as exciting as striping your drives, but putting is still a very important part of the game. In fact, it is the biggest part of the game where high handicap golfers can quickly improve their games by shaving off strokes. 

Putting can make up anywhere from 40% to over 50% of the total strokes in your round, perhaps more for high handicap golfers. One way to lower your scores is by reducing the times you three-putt (or more) and increasing your one-putt frequency. No golfer likes to three-putt. However, every golfer can salvage a round with those clutch confidence building par putts and those solid putts that drain birdies. To do this of course, you need to find the right putter that suits you best.

There is a plethora of putter selections on the market, and it may not be easy to choose the right one. A putter can be the most ‘personal’ club in your golf bag because the ‘feel’ or the look of it can be more important than the technology or its design. In this article we cover a wide range of putters with various types of designs and technology. We’ve and tested many different putters from various brands, read through many reviews and even conducted plenty research on our selections. 

Below are our top choices for best putters for high handicap golfers. We even provide a guide to putters for beginners to help you avid golfers select the putter that will have you draining birdies.

The Best Putter for Beginners

Odyssey Triple Track Golf Putter

Odyssey Golf Triple Track

Best Putter For Beginner Golfers

A nice even weighting so you will have a pure and balanced stroke every put

With triple track alignment on the bottom of the putter and enhanced visuals for lining up your ball, this is truly one of the best game improvement putters on the market! The weight makes your stroke extremely smooth and confident, and you will be rolling puts in all round long.

Phil Mickelson Wedge Shot

Best Putter for the Money

Pinemeadow Golf PGX

Best Value Golf Putter

A stylish look with additional weighting at the front of the putter for better stability and accuracy on your putts!

Pinemeadow is not the most talked about golf brand but the quality of this putter for at the price point is hard to beat. The Pinemeadow Golf PGX is our top pick for the best value putter for beginner golfers and it is extremely forgiving. You won’t have any trouble rolling the ball true across the golf green!

Runner-Up Putter

SeeMore FGP Golf Putter

SeeMore FGP Black Mallet

Made the Cut Putter

The Rifle-Scope alignment technology makes it quick and easy to plan out the putt and hit it exactly where you want to

Another less talked about putter is the SeeMore FGP Black Mallet which has an amazing feel to it when you’re stroking a putt. The milled face gives you more forgiveness and the weighting of the putter is light but exceptionally balanced! You will be striking your putts true after only a few strokes with the SeeMore FGP putter.

Our Recommendations

SeeMore FGP 

Runner Up Putter

Callaway wedges are extremely underrated but the cavity back design gives beginner golfers the forgiveness they need to get on the green consistently

Buying Options

Lowest Price

Odyssey Triple Track

Top Putter for High Handicap Golfers

Odyssey is a staple in the golf putter space with a loyal following and the Triple Track is the perfect choice for high handicap golfers that struggle with putting

Buying Options

Lowest Price

Pinemeadow PGX

Budget Friendly Putter

An high quality putter that is built for beginner golfers at an extremely affordable price point, definitely one to pick up and roll a few putts with

Buying Options

Lowest Price

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Our Research and Findings

The Best Golf Putters For Beginner / High Handicap Golfers

1. Odyssey Triple Track - Best Overall Putter For Beginner Golfers

The Details:

  • Triple Track Alignment on the putter sole, designed using Vernier Hyper Acuity method
  • The Vernier Hyper Acuity is a scientific method for analyzing how the human eye visualizes lines
  • Comes with a Stroke Lab shaft and grip that redistributes weight to the head and grip
  • Micro hinge stage insert for solidifying feel and improving sound feedback
  • Different putter-head style options are available to suit golfer preferences: 2-Ball, 2 Ball Blade, Seven, Seven-S, Ten, Ten S, Marxman, Double Wide, Double Wide Flow
Odyssey Triple Track Golf Putter


  • Incredibly easy to align the ball
  • Great alignment leads to starting your putts on line
  • Dual hand orientation options
  • Inserts enhances the sound and feel
  • Weight distribution helps improve control and feel
  • Easy to achieve good putting tempo


  • None that we could find from a technical standpoint
  • Pricing on the mid to high end and may be outside a high handicap golfer’s budget

Say goodbye to bogeys and three-putts! We’d all love to believe that a putter can make these dreams reality, but at least this putter can get your putts started on line so that you have a chance. Introducing the Odyssey Golf Triple Track 2-Ball Putter. Odyssey putters are even greater with the addition of a fresh alignment tool to easily helps you align your golf ball properly. 

This putter also features an optimized weighting system that helps improve feel in your putting stroke. Partnered with the Stroke Lab, the shaft and grip technology put more control in the golfer’s hands. Not to mention, Odyssey’s classic inserts further improves feel. When all three come together, sharp alignment features, properly weighted shaft, and responsive grip, you have a putter that will help you win those skins off your buddies!


Odyssey’s Triple Track putters are solid choices for the high handicap golfer. Overall, they are a well-rounded design offering consistency, accuracy and great feel. This putter can help you feel comfortable over the golf ball and give you the confidence to sink those crucial putts that make or break your round.

2. Pinemeadow PGX - Best Value Putter for High Handicap Golfers

Top Features:

  • Clean white color finish improves visuals and helps golfers align their shots on a desired line
  • Additional weighting on the putter-head improves stability throughout the putting stroke
  • Face Insert Grooves on the putter face improve golf ball’s roll
  • Multiple grip selections for color preference


  • Price! Very affordable putter
  • Tour weighting option for golfers who prefer a heavier feeling
  • Face insert provides a softer feel


  • White color finish can chip easily
  • Beginners may not enjoy the heavier feel

Another budget friendly putter with high value is the Pinemeadow PGX. In fact, this classic mallet design is one of the cheapest golf putters available and may even be one of the best selections for high handicap golfers. The reasons for this are the visually pleasing alignment guides on the clubhead, as well as the contrasting white color finish. The combination is simple. A sharp white color putter head with black alignment lines on top make it easier for golfers to aim for their target and hit their golf ball on the desired line.

The PGX putter also features a face insert with grooves to provide a softer feel for putts. This putter also weighs 380 grams, which is technically a tour weighted option. We understand if beginners prefer lighter clubs, but some golfers like the heavier feel.


If you’re just getting started with the game, the Pinemeadow PGX is solid choice. Beginners all start with high handicap ratings, but this putter can certainly help you shave off strokes as you gain more experience. Given the price of this putter, it ranks at the very top of our budget picks for our readers.

3. Taylormade Spider X Putter

The Details:

  • Stability – the Spider X frame concentrates weight at the putter head to make your putting strokes stable through the golf ball
  • True Path Alignment – the alignment aid and associated colors easily help golfers visualize lining up their golf balls correctly
  • Pure Role Insert provides better feel and sound while the grooves increase the golf ball’s topspin to help start and keep it on the intended putting line. 
  • Customizable Features – the putter-heads come in different color combinations and alignment lines
Taylormade Spider X Putter


  • Forgiving putter with a large sweet spot
  • Increased stability
  • Heavier head and lighter shaft for improved feel
  • Sharp alignment aid helps you golfers make more putts!


  • High price point
  • Large putter-head size and shape may not appeal to every golfer

If you’re looking for performance, the TaylorMade Spider X Putter is one of the best choices you could make for your golf game! This is a premium selection putter, and you certainly get rewarded for what you pay for. Even Tour pros are sporting this putter in their golf bags, but the benefits and results are reaped by high handicap golfers. 

Stability was top of mind when TaylorMade designed this putter. The Spider has a relatively heavy frame weighing at 320 grams. But when combining with the X design, the level of stability achieved with the heavier weight results in an extremely stable putter that remains steady before and after impact. Translation, the Spider X putter is a highly forgiving putter that keeps your putts in line with your target on center and off-center hits. The heavier weight on the frame combined with the insert and grooves helps enhance the feel throughout the putting stroke.

Additionally, the top of the putter-head features TaylorMade’s True Path Alignment aid. The sleek straight line with sharp contrasting colors of white and the clubhead’s color allow the golfer to easily line up with their target.


As a high handicap golfer, playing the TaylorMade Spider X will help you lower your scores and even minimize those pesky three-putts! For some folks, the head design isn’t exactly simple and elegant and the looks may deter some from buying. This putter will cost you more money compared to other beginner level putters, but if these things do not deter you from buying, this putter is one to keep around for many seasons.

4. Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT Golf Putter

Top Features:

  • Speed Optimized Face Technology – essentially this maximizes forgiveness in the putter where all putts, hit in the center or off-center, roll at very similar speeds for consistency
  • Diamond CNC milling pattern for softer feel at impact
Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT Putter


  • High level of forgiveness
  • Milling work on the clubface is high quality for improving feel
  • Satin finish provides the putter a premium look
  • Alignment lines help golfers aim properly


  • Clubhead on the lighter side which can take away feel

The Cleveland Huntington Beach Putters are a product line that have become increasing popular over the years. The new version has improved the quality as well as the looks with a new satin finish that attracts the eye. They also come in different shapes, mainly a traditional blade, wider sole blade, modified mallet and half mallet. 

What is impressive about the Huntington Beach Putters is their value. For a very reasonable price you get a putter that delivers great looks and top-tier performance. Cleveland is typically not known for their putters, but this particular line certainly deserves attention from high handicap golfers. 

For the Huntington Beach line, Cleveland focuses on feel and forgiveness. Their design features two simple technologies, the Speed Optimized Face Technology and the Diamond milling. When combined, they produce consistent putts that travel very similar speeds, and a soft feel for golfers who seek a lighter touch!


There have been reviews of the Huntington Beach putters feeling too soft or too light. It is a fair statement because the putter weightings are more evenly distributed throughout the club compared to other putters. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a soft, high performance putter providing decent forgiveness at a reasonable price, we recommend you check out this Cleveland line of putters.

5. Tour Edge HP Series Red 10 Putter

The Details:

  • Clubhead weighting distributed from heel to toe for increased stability and forgiveness
  • Contrasting red and white colors on the top line for improving visuals and alignment
  • Jumbo putter equipped
  • Clubface micro-grooves insert to start the golf ball rolling earlier
Tour Edge HP Series Red 10 Putter


  • High MOI therefore high forgiveness
  • Jumbo grip helps eliminate wrist action for more consistent putting
  • Clubface insert improves feels
  • Price – a very affordable putter, great for golfers on a tight budget


  • Quality not as high as bigger brand names
  • Overall feel not as responsive due to reduced quality

The Tour Edge HP Series Red 10 putter is a top budget pick for a reason. It is one of the cheapest putters on market for high handicap and beginner golfers, but it packs important features to help golfers drain their putts. As many beginner golfers are on a budget, we recommend trying out this putter. 

In our reviews, the Red 10 has a decent level of feel. One of our favorite features about the putter is the jumbo size grip that comes with it. High handicap golfers can tend to be ‘wristy’ with their putts, and that’s where a jumbo size putter grip comes in. It helps keep your wrists unhinged and squarer throughout your putting stroke such that you’re mainly putting with rotating your shoulders. This promotes consistency. The microgrooves on the putter face elevate the feel level to get your golf ball rolling faster. 

This putter’s forgiveness is attributed to the larger size mallet design of the clubhead. It may not be on the same level or quality of the TaylorMade Spider X, but the weighting does provide a decent level of stability. Off center putts still get reasonable accuracy. The red color finish on the clubhead may not be for everyone, but it certainly provides a contrast that is appealing to some golfers. When things look appealing, feelings of comfort and confidence can grow when you are making your putts.


It isn’t surprising that Tour Edge’s equipment tailors to beginner level of high handicap golfers who are on a budget. Their HP Series Red 10 putter is no different. For a relatively cheap price, this putter can provide everything a beginner is looking for on the golf greens with great features to help their game!

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6. EVNROLL ER7 Tour Mallet Putter

Top Features:

  • Sweet Face Technology – minimizing dispersion on putts hit off-center
  • Full mallet design with rear perimeter weighting
  • Satin finish with stainless steel clubhead material
  • Multiple grip selections in heavy and lightweight


  • High MOI high forgiveness putter with the Sweet Face Technology
  • Mis-hit putts still have reasonable accuracy
  • Decent level of feel with the heavier mallet head putter


  • One of the most expensive putters on market

For a company that is relatively new, EVNROLL’s putters are some of the best looking and most forgiving putters available. EVNROLL was formed in 2015 after their lead designer, Guerin Rife, developed a putter face technology that warranted its own company. You may remember this name as he is the Rife in Rife Golf.

Introducing the Sweet Face Technology. Just as the name describes, instead of trying to hit the sweet spot on the middle of the putter, why not make the entire putter face a sweet spot. And wherever you hit your putt on the club face, the golf ball’s speed, distance, and direction will essentially be the same. How EVNROLL has achieved this is by designing the grooves of the clubface with variable width channels, where the spaces are wider in the center and gradually narrow moving toward the heel and toe. What results is more mass and surface area contact on putts hit off center to help replace the lost energy on putts hit away from the true center sweet spot. The varying width of the channels also help keep the golf ball moving down the target line on putts struck off-center.


We want to feature the EVNROLL ER7 Tour Mallet here because the mallet design offers that extra weight and forgiveness for high handicap golfers. However, the Sweet Face Technology is featured in all their putter head designs. Looks and feel of the putter are also high quality. So here you have yourself a putter that looks, feels, and putts amazing. Get yourself an EVNROLL putt and your playing buddies will be sweating you taking their money on the greens.

The EVNROLL movement has gained traction in its first few years on market, even on the tour circuit. However, keep in mind these putters are one of the most, if not, the most expensive putters on market. If you decide to treat yourself to one, it’ll be best to put it to good use.

7. Wilson Staff Infinite Putter Bean

The Details:

  • Counterbalance Technology for a smoother and more controlled putting stroke
  • Dark Anti-Glare Finish to produce contrast and improve visuals
  • Double Milled Face to produce consistent feel and distance
  • Heavier grip for improved feel and counter-balance
Wilson Staff Infinite Putter Bean


  • Plenty of forgiveness in this putter, sweet spot is relatively large
  • Alignment lines on the crown help with accuracy
  • Attractive price point


  • Slight offset (gooseneck shaft) may not appeal to some golfers
  • Dark color finish may not be appealing

The boys at Wilson Staff have delivered a putter line that is both affordable for the high handicap golfers and arms them with looks and performance. We will focus on the Infinite Putter Bean, which is their mallet putter, but their other designs (blades, square-back, peripheral-weighted) are worth trying out. Wilson’s Infinite Putter line features plenty of forgiveness and aesthetic refinement that will help the high handicap golfer putt with more confidence. 

One of the main features of Infinite Putter Bean is the head design and the weight distribution. It actually looks like a bean, but the Counterbalance Technology that Wilson incorporates produces a clubhead that feels solid at impact and provides stability throughout the putting stroke. One sharp looking feature are the clean white alignment aids on the top of the putter-head contrasting the dark color finish of the club. This helps golfers start their putts on the desired line. The milled clubface along with heavier weighting in the grip enhances feel so your hands feel exactly what’s happening at impact.


The Wilson Staff Infinite Bean may not be as popular but it may give the TaylorMade and Callaway brand putters a run for their money. You can certainly buy yourself an Infinite Bean putter for a lot less money. From our research, we think this is one of the best value putters on the market and surely one every golfer should check out!

8. Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

Specifications and Features:

  • Timeless White-Hot insert technology that has been around for years providing soft feel
  • Shaft offset with alignment aids 
  • Blade design for sleeker classic look
  • High accuracy when hitting putts on the face center
Odyssey White Hot 2.0 Putter


  • Soft feel with solid sound at impact
  • Compact design may be appealing to golfers


  • Mid to high price range but is not the most expensive selection
  • Smaller sweet spot compared to mallet putters

Not all beginners or high handicap golfers need to sport mallet putters. If you like the blade design, by all means, get yourself one. If you prefer the blade style as a high handicap golfer, the Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 may just be the one for you. I play an Odyssey blade style putter myself so I understand it’s allure. Odyssey putters are a popular choice. This particular putter design has been around for years and golfers keep them in the golf bag for many seasons.

Odyssey has always delivered on high performance putters, we had to review their iconic White-Hot putters. Frankly, not a whole lot has changed over the years except for improved material durability, different color contrasts and new grips. But the fact that the White-Hot blade has been such a popular selection over many years, for high and low handicap golfers, speaks volumes. The main selling point is the putter inset. The White-Hot insert remains a technology that gives golfers that soft yet responsive feel and a relatively large sweet spot! Instead of a quiet sound, the newest White-Hot inserts give off a louder more solid sound that can be more attractive to golfers.


Perhaps the best feedback we’ve reviewed for this putter is the consistency. Odyssey adds alignment aids on top of the putter-head, which is not common for blades. It is also a toe-weighted putter which helps improve forgiveness, also not a common benefit for blade putters. 

Odyssey putters are not cheap, but the White-Hot Pro 2.0 certainly won’t have you paying with an arm and a leg. They are on the mid to high end of the market, but their playability will last you years! Relatedly, I sported my Odyssey White-Hot for 14 seasons from my high to mid-handicap days.

9. Ray Cook TC PT 04 - Best Putter For Beginner Lady Golfers

Top Features:

  • Contrasting colors with black, white and pink for easy visualization and alignment
  • Mallet design
  • High MOI rating with a soft feel
  • Heel/Toe Weighting for improved forgiveness


  • Very affordable putter
  • Easy to control
  • Alignment aids on the top are easy to use


  • Color can fade quickly

Ensuring we cover all beginner level demographics, we wanted to provide our best putter selection for our lady golfers. For this we showcase the Ray Cook ladies RC PT 04 putter. Like the Pinemeadow PGX, it is one of the most wallet friendly putters, and yet they have enjoyed success on the professional tours. 

The RC PT 04 is a modified mallet putter featuring soft feel, grooved clubface and a high MOI rating. It sure is a very forgiving putter, suitable for high handicap golfers and beginners. The best feature for this putter is how easy it is to align! Golf is a highly visual game and the color contrasts of this putter and alignment aids make it easy to visualize being parallel to your target. The grooves on the clubface provide a soft feel and a truer roll on your putts. This putter also manufactured at 33 inches which is ideal for lady golfers and easier to control.


Although this Ray Cook putter is not a premium design, it offers all beginner lady golfers what they need to be sinking their putts. We would say this is a good starting putter for the first few years of your golfing endeavors. It can get damaged easy as the materials aren’t as durable, but the performance makes for some very fun rounds of golf!

10. Taylormade TP Ardmore 3 Putter

Top Features:

  • Modern-mallet design with a cavity to provide weighting balance and visuals
  • Pure Roll insert
  • Slight curve on the hosel
  • Single sightline
Taylormade TP Ardmore 3 Putter


  • Highly responsive feel
  • Grooves on the insert give the golf golf ball early roll
  • Adjustable sole weights give the golfers options for lighter or heavier feels


  • Single alignment line may be more difficult for beginners to line up properly
  • Price on the higher end

One of the last putters we will review before hitting the golf course, the TaylorMade TP Ardmore 3 putter is another great choice for high handicap golfers worth mentioning. It provides a level of feel and adjustability not available in many of the other putters we have reviewed. Not only is it suited for beginners, but tour pros have spent time playing the putter leading to many wins. 

One of the most noticeable features is the unique shape and coloring. It is an elegant looking putter with the red face and a black copper clubhead finish. The head weight is 355g so it is on the heavier side, however that caters to golfers looking for improved feel and stability. The clubface Pure Roll insert features grooves that get the golf ball rolling instead of skidding faster after impact. Additionally, the weights on the putter’s sole are adjustable so you can swap them out for lighter or heavier weights to cater to your desires.


The Ardmore 3 isn’t as popular as their Spider X putters but it is for sure an intriguing choice. It’s sleek looks and clean aesthetics are an attraction point, but it does come at a relatively high price. Not the most expensive putter, but it delivers results in terms of feel and playability across all skill levels.

11. SeeMore FGP Black Mallet Putter

Top Features:

  • RifleScope Technology (RST) for easy alignment
  • Straight shaft putter
  • Mid-size Mallet design with a milled face
  • Black powder coat finish for color contrast
  • Weighting concentrated behind the face center
SeeMore FGP Golf Putter


  • Easy to align
  • New milled face technology softens feel
  • Balanced weight putter-head
  • Easy to square the clubface


  • Center shaft putter may not be visually appealing
  • Clunky looking clubhead

SeeMore may not be a well-known brand. It is a smaller company, but it has been around for a while and has many years of experience in simple putter design. If you follow golf history, perhaps the most popular professional golfer to use a SeeMore putter is the late Payne Stewart. He won his last US Open draining a long par putt on the last hole to win by one. Another notable major championship winner who uses a SeeMore is Zach Johnson. 

The company’s signature feature on their putters is their RifleScope Technology (RST). Essentially, it is an alignment system that helps golfers position the putter such that it is pointed in the right direction and is aligned properly with their target. Often, high handicap or beginner golfers wonder about various things such as – how they should position the putter, how to hold it, how should a putter look before you the golf ball, etc. This is where the RST comes it. It features a red dot placed on the heel of the clubhead. When you address the golf ball looking down and the shaft completely hides the red dot, that tells you the putter is aligned correctly. 

This SeeMore putter is a mid-mallet design with a straight shaft putter connected at the center of the clubhead. It is a relatively simple design that has an evenly weighted clubhead with a black coating finish for color contrast.


For a company that flies under the radar, The SeeMore FGP Black Mallet deserves more attention than it gets. We call this our ‘making the cut’ pick as it is both an expertly designed putter at a fair price. High handicap golfers will surely benefit from playing this putter!

A Beginners Guide to the Basics of Golf Putters

As you can see there are plenty of options of putters. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so when you are ready to shop for your own putter, you’re aware of what may work best for you. As far as your golf game goes, a putter that feels best in your hands can really save a good round of golf from turning bad, or salvage a bad round and post a decent score. 

Here we have put together a list of important putter-related things worth considering when picking that right putter model.

Putter Head Shapes

Putter heads have three common designs – blades, peripheral-weighted and mallets.

Blade putter-heads are the smallest design option and are typically used be low handicap or advanced golfers. They are more suited for these golfers who have soft and stable hands and are able to hit the golf ball at the center of the clubface consistently. Blade putters typically have sleek, clean looks with highest level of feel. This shouldn’t discourage you from trying them. Feel free to experiment!

Peripheral-weighted putters are a sort of half-blade half-mallet design. They provide a level of forgiveness not offered in blade putters as a result of the higher MOI and larger sweet spot overall. However, they also provide a decent level of stability and feel. Mid-mallets are used by a wide range of low to high handicap golfers. 

Mallet putters typically have the largest head designs. These are best suited for mid to high handicap golfers as they offer the highest MOI and largest sweet spots of any putter design. These putters are resistant to twisting from off center hits so putts can still remain on line and travel a similar distance to putts struck in the center. 

Don’t be discouraged from buying any of these putters as all amateurs and Tour pros have been seen using any of these putter designs.

What is an offset in my putter and do I need one?

Putters can be grouped into two groups. Ones with offset are where the hosel is shifted towards the back where the shaft connects with the clubhead. Without offset, the shaft is simply connected to the clubhead without and the putter face is in line with the shaft. This is also called a straight-shafted putter.

This a consideration that is up to the eye of the beholder. When looking down at your putter, what looks best to you can translate to what feels most comfortable to you, and therefore the prefer shaft design for you. There is no right answer, so feel free to try the different kinds and find what’s right for you!

Putter Length

When it comes to putter lengths, there are three groupings: standard length putters, belly putters and chest putters. Standard length putters range from 33 to 35 inches. Belly putters are 41 to 45 inches long depending how far up you anchor it to your mid-section. Chest putters are the longest ranging from 45 to 50 inches and are suited for people who fight backaches. 

Choosing the right length depends on your height and how hunched over you feel is comfortable. One good way to find the best putter length for yourself is first, stand with the putter, then while looking down, drop a golf golf ball from your eye to the ground. If the spot where your golf ball lands is aligned with the center of your putter, then that putter is the right length for you. If not, keep experimenting!

Putter Face Types

The putter face comes with various options to cater to different feels. Typically, a putter face can be a solid surface, a milled surface, or an insert option with grooves or no grooves. Inserts are your softest feeling putters, conventional solid faces are you most firm feeling putters, and milled surfaces are somewhere in between. This is another feel variable where you find what’s right for you by testing many putters. 

Putter Grip Types

Similar to putter face types, this is highly dependent on feel. Grips come in different weights, textures, shapes and thickness. You will hear terms such as mid-size grips or jumbo-size grips. Larger grips can be for golfers with wider hands and vice versa. Again, try them out and see what you like.

Putter Value

This can be the deciding factor for high handicap golfers, especially those who are on a budget. Putters can range from twenty bucks at a used golf club shop to more than four hundred dollars for a brand-new brand name off the rack putter. When you’re starting out playing the game, it is best to find a balance between price and performance. Many times, the cheapest putters can have you sinking the most putts. 

You can certainly catch deals on putters that are a couple years old as they likely have seen price drops due to new models coming out. Performance is not exactly linked to price when it comes to putters. You can certainly find great feeling putters with new technology in older models. 

Putters can also last a long time if you take care of them. I played an Odyssey insert putter for 14 years that I bought for a hundred bucks. It went through a couple of re-grips but it led me to a few eagles and birdies. Only recently did I treat myself to a Scotty Cameron for a much higher price that performs just as well.

Golf Putter Forgiveness

You would think, because a putting stroke is slow relative to a driver swing, and it should be an easily repeatable motion, that you’d hit the golf ball at the center of the putter face every time. Well, you’re not wrong, but there is certainly more to putting than it appears. Even the best golfers in the world can mis-hit their putters ever so slightly and lead to missed shots. 

When it comes to forgiveness, a classic blade putter can have a sweet spot the size smaller than a quarter, while mallet putters can have much larger sweet spots. As a high handicap golfer, its best to play high forgiveness putters where center and off-center hits will both produce putts that roll the same distance and travel the same line. These types of putters give you the best chance and saving par or draining those elusive birdies

Putter Feel

This quality might be the most difficult to define but we will try because it is an important one. Simply put, every golfer is different in their swing, how they putt, what they feel at impact, what they like to see and use for putters, etc. Not to mention, they also have a preference to the kind of sound they like to hear when hitting a golf golf ball. 

Putter designers try to tailor to the entire spectrum, but at the end of the day, you decide what is right for your game. As a high handicap golfer who is looking to improve, it is worth spending a couple hours at a golf shop and try hitting different putters using different golf golf balls. Try using the same putter hitting a Top Flite and then a Titleist ProV1, and then try it with a different putter. Trying different combinations with hard low compression golf balls and soft high compression golf balls is a great way to learn feel through experience.

Golf Putter Looks

This may sound like a shallow factor, but looks can translate into feel, which translate into performance. The way a putter looks when positioned behind the golf ball when you’re about to strike that birdie putt is important to any level of golfer. Some golfers love the look of a clean, sleek, compact looking blade, while other prefer the larger size mallet heads with alignment lines/aides and a curved design because that is simply what suits their eye. The type of shaft and grip on the putter can play a part as well.

When it comes to looks, if they help you focus and feel comfortable over putts, then that may be the best putter for you. Part of story is maybe you start with one style of putter and you stick to it because it feels familiar. That’s ok too!


Selections for putters make an endless list. But the best putters for high handicap golfers and beginners offer the best level of forgiveness, feel and ability to align with your target. When you’re first starting out, it is worth spending some time at a golf equipment store and trying out many different putters and finding the one that fits you best. We’ve provided a brief guide below on things to consider when finding a putter best suited for your game.

The Odyssey Golf Triple Track is our top performance pick. Its alignment system using the Vernier Hyper Acuity method along with its high level of forgiveness will have golfers draining birdies and crucial par puts. It is also a putter that will last you many seasons.

Pinemeadow Golf’s PGX Mallet Putter takes our top budget pick. It is a cheap purchase, but it provides all the benefits in terms of feel, forgiveness and alignment guides to help new golfers enjoy the game. The sharp white color finish on the clubhead, along with the black alignment lines and lime green logo is an aesthetically pleasing combination.

Rounding out our top picks is the SeeMore FGP Black Mallet Putter. This lesser known company knows how to make winning putters and help you shave shots off your scores. Their RifleScope Technology is a simply yet innovative way to have golfers line up their putts correctly and consistently. The mallet putter offers that additional level of forgiveness that will help high handicappers keep their puts on line.

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