Must Have Golf Accessories

Let’s face it, golfers need to use plenty of trinkets and accessories throughout their round, and these need to be accessible from their bag. Golf is a lot more than simply clubs, balls, shoes and tees. There are many items that serve to help you play your best game, and it is never a bad idea to have these things handy. 

Not every player needs to have every golf accessory in the bag. It can be a personalized combination of accessories. Some players get used to using some accessories and are maybe superstitious about it such that they do not need to add other accessories. Other golfers may love experimenting and can’t wait for the newest design accessory to come out so they can play with it the next season. 

Below are the most important golf accessories all golfers should at least be aware of or should straight-up be using. Some are more crucial than others. Almost all of them are optional. However, you may come across something that may just help shave shots off your game.

List of Must Have Golf Accessories

Golf Shoe Bag

Footjoy Golf Shoe Bag

There is no better way to store and carry your golf shoes than a dedicated shoe bag. Some players like to bring the shoes inside their golf club and change in the locker room. It is much more convenient to do so carrying them in a bag. After changing, you can put your other pair of shoes in the bag.

It is also a good way to protect your shoes and keep it from rolling around the trunk of your car as you’re driving to the course. Maybe you just played a soggy round of golf and the shoes have a layer of wet grass, mud and sand on them. You’ve cleaned most of it off but some remain sticking on your shoes. Keep them in your bag to avoid dirtying up your car.

Ball Markers and Tees

Starting with Ball Markers, these can be anything small with flat surfaces on both sides. Most commonly, players use the coins in their pocket. Most golf courses sell ball markers with their club logo printed on. Some other ball markers are magnetic and will stick on a player’s hat so it doesn’t get lost. 

Ball Markers are an essential must-have an accessory. When on the green, if your ball is in between another player’s ball and the hole, it is good courtesy to mark your ball and move it away. Even when it isn’t, if you’re playing a match or a tournament, you need a ball marker so that you can line up your ball prior to hitting a putt. In more casual rounds, this can be optional. If you don’t have a coin, you can use a tee as a marker. 

Speaking of tees, most players use them to set up their ball on any drive. Whether you are hitting driver, fairway wood or iron off the tee box, tee-ing up your ball gives you an advantage and makes it easier to get your shot airborne.

Divot Repair Tool

Another essential must-have accessory is a divot repair tool. When your approach shot hits the green’s surface, it creates a little crater, and may even kick up a piece of the turf. Repairing your pitch mark and keeping the greens in good condition is courteous, professional, good practice and much appreciated by the course. 

Divot Repair Tools come in various designs and sizes. The sharp end can be retractable, or stick out in a solid design. Some designs have a magnetic ball marker attached.

Golf Club Brush and Groove Sharpener

Routinely keeping clubfaces clean is a healthy golf habit to have, and this is where club brushes come in handy. They are no larger than the palm of your hand and can hook onto the side of your golf bag. Some brushes have a retractable chord so you can grab it from your bag. Clubs can get quite dirty and having a brush to remove grass, sand, mud preserves the condition of the clubhead. 

As you know, irons, wedges, driver and fairway wood heads are metallic and therefore can rust. If the clubface gets scratched, and all that grass and dirt remain, the moisture can rust and further damage the clubface. 

The best brushes usually are a two-in-one. They have hard bristles for removing the tough dried grass and dirt from the surface. Often a bit of water is required to help with this. Also having soft bristles help further clean off the dirt and removing water. Often, brushes have a metallic needle attached to the end. This is used to get in the grooves of your irons and wedges to clean those tight spots and even sharpen the grooves. Have a clean fresh set of sharp grooves is important in optimizing club performance.

GPS / Rangefinder

Having a GPS watch or a Rangefinder scope is a real advantage on the course. If your golf skill level is at a point where you hit your clubs a consistent distance, you will find these tools valuable. Not only do they give you extremely accurate distances to your intended target, you will save time walking out your distances from markers that are only somewhat accurate. 

A Rangefinder is a scope. You look through a lens to focus on your target. Existing rangefinder designs have a button that allows you to focus. Pressing that button will display for you the yardage to your target. Rangefinders are extremely accurate. Most are battery powered but require little maintenance.

A GPS can tell you accurate distances as well. They are usually in the form of a watch you wear or in a handheld device. There are GPS golf apps you can download onto your smartphone. They tell you accurate distances to various targets as you move through the course of your round.

Golf rangefinders and GPSs give players peace of mind by quickly providing accurate distances. Having this level of confidence can certainly improve your game.

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Golf Towel

Having a golf towel attached to the side of your bag is another essential golf accessory. It may be non-negotiable for some players since it serves many purposes. A golf towel can keep your clubs and balls clean and dry. Playing in hot tropical climates, a golf towel is a must if you often need to wipe sweat off your face. Palms of your hands can get sweaty as well making it difficult to grip your clubs. Toweling off your hands can keep you from feeling like butterfingers when holder your clubs.

Depending where you play, it is always a good idea to have a towel attached to the side of your bag as well as having a spare one packed away in your bag.

Golf Umbrella

It is never a bad idea to keep an umbrella handy. You can easily pack one in your bag for those rainy days. Usually a golf bag is designed to have an umbrella slot for storing it. If you use a push cart, they are often equipped with an umbrella holder attachment. 

In addition to protecting players from rain, umbrellas can also provide shade for players during hot sunny rounds. The sun can be damaging to golfers, especially on high temperature days. If exposed to sunshine for too long, a golfer can catch sun stroke or heat stroke, or even unwanted sunburns and suntans. Having an umbrella can help prevent these issues.

Golf umbrellas can also be an effective shield against strong wind. You could find yourself playing links-style or open-style courses with very little tree cover. These course designs are often susceptible to strong blowing winds. Golf umbrellas are a sturdy design to help resist wind.


Depending where you are, most of your rounds of golf are played during the spring and summer, preferably on nice sunny days. Under these conditions you are exposed to plenty of UV, and as you know, an 18-hole round of golf can take over 4 hours to complete. That’s a lot of time under the sun. Having a bottle of sunscreen in your bag so you can apply onto your skin at any point is crucial. 

Hot sunny days with high UV rating can lead to sunburns. It is always good practice to apply sunscreen before starting your round. Sunscreen comes in either a bottle of lotion or spray-on application. Typically, SPF30 should be good enough for most days. If you’re playing in hotter than 30 Celsius conditions, you may want to consider higher grades of sunscreen such as SPF 50 or 60.

Golf Sunglasses

Not a fan of glare on the golf course? Neither are we, or any other avid golfers. The less distractions, the better so golfers can focus on their game. Golfers avoid glare by wearing sunglasses.

There are plenty of sunglass designs for the golf course that help players see better and enhance their experience. Frames come in different styles and colors to suit players best. Lenses can be your standard shade or can be polarized with or without UV protection. Sunny rounds can have a high UV index, so not only do you want to protect your skin, your eyes need protection too. Of course, you don’t want to choose shades that take away from your vision, especially if you’re playing a visually stunning course. 

It is best to try on different pairs of sunglasses to find what you like most and are most comfortable with. Something that feels natural where you wear it is probably best. The goal is to make the golf course easier to see as well as blocking out harmful UV rays. 

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Alignment Sticks

This tool is extremely helpful for any level of golfer. Alignment can be one of the most overlooked factors when playing the game. You’ll be surprised how many times you think you are aligned to your desired target, only to find out you actually were way off line. 

Having a set of alignment sticks has many applications for your game. Not only do they help fix where you are aimed, they are a great tool to help visualize proper swing paths. They can guide you to takeaway the club properly. They can help you find if you’re swinging too much from the outside and causing a slice, or swinging too much from the inside resulting in a hook shot. Prior to every round of golf, you can spend some time on the driving range warming up with the help of alignment sticks. They can help tune your swing so that you’ll bring your best game when you head to the first tee.

Sharpie Marker

Technically Sharpies are optional, but we are fan of them and fully encourage you keep at least one in your bag. They are a golfer’s essential tool for marking their golf balls. The ink is fast drying and can clip easy on to your bag. Sharpies come in a range of colors for you to play around and even draw artwork on your golf balls. 

In competition or even a casual round with buddies, you may find yourself playing the same golf ball with the same numbers. This is where Sharpies are used to make a distinguishable mark on the ball so players an easily identify them. They can even be used to draw a straight line over the ball so help you align your putts. It is a confident feeling knowing your ball is correctly aimed with your Sharpie line.

Clubhead Covers

Having a set of clubhead covers is the best way to protect and preserve your golf clubs. Clubs are made of metal but they can hit against each other in the bag if tossed around resulting in dents and scratches. Clubhead covers help dampen the blow. We’d hate to see your expensive new driver or fairway woods get scuffed up without the protection of covers. Typically, players put clubhead covers on the driver and fairway woods. Putters usually have one as well. Iron clubhead covers are much less common but are available as well. 

Additionally, players can have a bit of fashion fun with clubhead covers. You may notice Tiger Woods has a tiger stuff animal (named Frank) as his driver clubhead cover. There are plenty of clubhead cover designs from major brands and independent designs to choose from. You can even look at custom making your own clubhead covers. Within the fashion aspect of this accessory, the main purpose is to protect your clubs from potential damage.

Rain Gear and Winter Gear

You can never be too prepared for a round of golf. For an avid golfer who plays all year round in any climate, this is especially true. In this section we want to touch on both rain and winter gear necessities.

Starting with the rainy weather, there is nothing worse than being stuck on the golf course without your waterproof gear. This would mainly be your rain jacket or wind breaker, rain pants, umbrella, and even rain gloves. Rain gloves are especially important as they help you maintain grip on the clubs throughout your swing. When you buy your golf bag, typically it comes with a cover that buttons over the clubheads so they don’t get rained on. Another available accessory is a waterproof bag of pouch for organizing your valuables. Golfers typical put this in their golf bag. You need to stay dry out there, especially when you are walking the course. Make sure you have the essentials for rainy weather conditions.

Avid golfers may even play in the colder temperatures to get their fix. We get it, the game of golf is addicting in almost any temperature! For these conditions, you’d want to pack your bag as if you are packing for the winter. Although you won’t be playing sub-zero weather conditions, single digit degrees or low teen temperatures with strong winds can feel brisk really quick. Make sure you have a pair of winter gloves and toque handy. A thicker jacket that keeps you warm but doesn’t impede your swing is also important. Stuffing your gloves with a couple of hand-warmers will keep them from freezing, especially during a long round of golf.

Golf Ball Retriever

Sometimes your club may not be long enough to gather your ball that trickled into the pond. Unless you want go for a swim, have a ball retriever can be a useful accessory in your bag. Also, there aren’t many worse feelings than often losing an expensive ball such as a ProV1. With a golf retriever you can fish it out of the water hazard or out of someone’s backyard. 

If you enjoy finding other golf balls, having a golf ball retriever in your bag can reel in many other golf balls for you. You may never have to buy golf balls again since you can find lost balls almost anywhere. As such, golf ball retrievers can save you plenty of money and is a worthwhile investment. 

There are several different designs for retrievers. Some are extendable and can fish one ball at a time. Others can retrieve multiple balls at a time and are foldable. Similar to your clubs, the majority of them fit right in your bag.

Golf Cart Bluetooth Speaker

With a Bluetooth Speaker, you can now bring your favorite tunes with you to the course. Music gets golfers in a rhythm and bring a level of comfort that can help their game. Also, it’s simply a great added element when playing with your buddies. In recent years, Bluetooth speaks for golf carts have been increasingly popular as golf accessories. 

There are plenty of Bluetooth speaker designs and can be purchased online or at any electronics store. Some are compact and can fit in pockets of your golf bag. Others are larger and are best situated on a golf power cart. They connect wirelessly to your phone where your music is stored. Sometimes even playing music when you’re practicing on the driving range makes for a great time.

Golf Trunk Organizer

This may be an underrated one, but it is never a bad idea to keep your golf items organized and contained in the trunk of your car. When driving, your vehicle can swerve left and right potentially causing your bag full of tees and balls to spill out. It can be annoying to hear them rolling around as your drive and inconvenient to clean up the mess. With a golf trunk organizer, you can keep your golf accessories organized wherever you play. 

Golf trunk organizers stores your golf balls, tees, towels, gloves, sometimes golf shoes as well. They are easy to manage and clean. Basically, it can keep all your golf essentials handy.


As you can see, there are plenty of golf accessories available to golfers. As mentioned, you may not need all of them, but it is also difficult to play golf without any of them. We encourage you to explore these accessories, try them out and find what works best for you. Having the right accessories in your golf bag will prepare you for any conditions and are essential to having a great round of golf.

It is also essential for players to become used to a set of accessories and routinely manage them. After some time, it becomes habit. You may even find your scores improving after using these accessories. 

We hope this article will help you in your search for the best golf accessories for your game. Let me know your thoughts and any questions you have. Like this article? Feel free to give it a share!

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