The Best Golf Shirt Brands for 2021

When it comes to golf shirts / polos, the world is your oyster. There are many approaches to assembling your golf outfits, it is entirely up to you as well. There are so many brands and designs of golf shirts with all combinations of colors to suit your fancy. Whether its fashion or function, or both, golf shirts in present day are designed to be very comfortable with style and to keep you as dry as possible during those hot humid rounds. 

On the pro-circuit, golf apparel used to be fairly mundane space, almost boring if we are to be honest. Tiger Woods’ red-shirt Sunday tradition was one of the more notable fashion statements, but now there are more players wearing loud apparel. These include, Justin Thomas with his classic flair in the majors, Rickie Fowler with his orange to match his alma mater, Ian Poulter with his British pants, Phil Mickelson with his work-type shirts to name a few. Golf has become a lot more fashionable in recent years, and therefore, a lot more exciting as well. Whether you are bringing out your colorful personality, or wanting to look sharp and serious to intimidate your opponent, there are a buffet of choices to fill your wardrobe. There are no rules to golf fashion. 

Below, we dive into the top golf shirt / polo brands to have you looking and playing your best. Further in our article, we also walk you through a few tidbits worth considering when shopping for your golf apparel.

Our Top Choice

Under Armour Escape Performance 2.0 Golf Polo Image

Under Armour

Best Overall Golf Shirt

You cannot miss with an Under Armour golf shirt, the breathability and comfort this golf line offers is unparalleled and a popular choice on the PGA tour

Trendy and Upcoming Golf Shirt

William Murray

Top Trendy Pick

Looking to add a bit more flare to your game and style, the William Murray brand has some very popular options that are different from the classic golf polo look

Most Affordable Golf Shirt

Puma Golf Mens Lemons Golf Polo


Top Budget Golf Shirt

You wouldn’t think of Puma as a budget golf shirt brand, but they have a host of high quality shirts for an affordable price

Our Research and Findings

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The Best Golf Shirt Brands for 2021

1. Under Armour Golf


Another solid choice for classic looking golf polos is the Under Armour polos. In addition to the traditional designs, UA also offer polo selections with more athletic trims for a more modern look. They also come in many colors combinations and prints so you won’t have any trouble finding the shirts that fit your eye. 

Under Armour is relatively new to the golf polo space but they are certainly experienced with the product. They are one of the first brands to introduce moisture wicking technology in their polos. Their shirts are typically light, soft and very breathable made possible using 100% polyester. Sometimes we just can’t escape our own body odor during a humid and sweaty round of golf. Luckily, Under Armour polos also feature Anti-odor technology that help prevent those odor-causing microbes from lingering. These polos come in looser and slimmer cuts that suit all body shapes and sizes.

2. Ralph Lauren Polo Golf


One of the most classic brands of golf polos is Ralph Lauren. If you’re looking for a stylish polo with more traditional colors, this is a great choice for you. This shirt features their iconic logo on the left chest and a traditional golf shirt design. The shirts materials feature a blend of polyester, cotton and elastane that provides a snug fit with a medium level of flexibility. 

Ralph Lauren polos are a tighter fit and are design for players with a slimmer figure. These shirts are almost the opposite of baggy so they promote a more athletic look. The shirts’ sleeves fit over the biceps and are thin design so they allow players to swing freely without any hindrances.

3. Nike Golf


It goes without surprise that Nike is typically mentioned in any athletic apparel article. Golf wear is also a relatively new product line of Nike, but their polos combined with their brand value have sold very well and are worth considering for your wardrobe. Wearing the swoosh on the golf course will have you feeling comfortable and looking great on the golf course as Nike offers a spectrum of designs and colors for your shopping mission. 

Like other high-quality golf polos, Nike Golf features soft and relaxed-feel materials that are breathable. When shopping for Nike Golf shirts you will often come across their ‘Dri-FIT’ technology term. This is Nike’s proprietary technology in the polyester material they use in their shirts. What this means, is during those sweltering rounds you will feel as cool and calm as possible with these polos. Nike Dri-FIT polos are a classic design but can come in a loose or slim-fit trim. Nike also offers these shirts in a plethora of color combinations. One bonus nugget is Nike polos are quite affordable and fall on the mid-price point range.

4. Adidas Golf


Another large name athletic brand that makes great golf polos is Adidas. Similar to the other large brands like Nike and Under Armour, their golf shirts are comfortable and keep players feeling cool on the course. In addition, their moisture wicking technology is very similar to the other two competitors. One difference is that their shirts aren’t entirely 100% polyester. Some of the shirts partially use an elastane material making the shirt stretch more, while other polos feature recycled polyester. It’s basically the same as regular polyester, but some customers enjoy the ESG aspect of these kinds of shirts.
In terms of fashion, the Adidas selection provides brighter colors and mostly slim cuts. They are slightly more athletic looking than other large brands. One drawback is Adidas polos are regularly priced above average. We’d recommend looking for sales before purchasing these shirts.

5. Tiger Woods Golf


Inspired by the legendary man himself, Nike’s separate line of golf shirts are the Tiger Woods design polos. In addition to the tradition polo design, this line features more modern shirt design such as the Mock-Neck, Golf Jumper, and short-collar look. These shirts are infused with all of Nike’s best fabric technology that keeps you cool and dry at all times on the course. Their classic Dri-FIT ADV technology combined with moisture-wicking fabric does exactly that. The fabric is also quite stretchy but features a trim cut that gives you an athletic look. Extra perforations can be found on the collar to help wick away that annoying neck sweat. And of course, the iconic TW and Nike logos are printed on the back just below the collar. 

These shirts are built for golf and features Tiger Woods’ exact specifications for a high-performance shirt. This way, you know you are wearing the best from one of the best.

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6. William Murray Golf


You probably know him from movies and golf, Caddyshack should be ringing alarm bells for you here. This brand is inspired from the hilarious Bill Murray and his brothers, they are siblings who grew up caddying and playing golf in the Chicago suburbs. William Murray Golf is an apparel brand inspired by the Murray Brothers’ spontaneous and non-so-serious approach to the game of golf. Such as life, golf can be a little tough and heavy. This brand of shirts aims to add color and levity to the game while having you look great on the course.

From floral patterns to animal prints to straight solid colors, these polos are imaginative and come in all sorts of colors, designs and imagery. It is essentially art on a polo. These shirts feature moisture wicking combination of polyester and spandex to keep you ‘Murray Chill’ at all times. They are wrinkle resistant and protects you from harmful UV rays. This cool brand also sells t-shirts, pullovers, vests, jackets and blazers. Have some fun shopping and check out this unique brand!

7. Peter Millar Golf


The Peter Millar brand has been in business since 2001 selling mainly cashmere sweaters. It is focused on the luxury apparel space and has since expanded to golf polos. Their polo designs are traditional with modern colors and prints that would have any golfers excited during their shopping ventures. Most of the colors they use are light and bright with mainly a classic fit trim. Most of their polos are made with a polyester / spandex combination, while others are made with cotton. The company’s coastal influence along the Carolinas are reflected in their shirt designs as they feature many ocean themed prints. 

As mentioned, Peter Millar is a luxury brand so their price point is on the higher end. But these shirts will keep you looking cool and sharp no matter where you’re playing.

8. Travis Mathew Golf


Another relatively new and popular golf polo brand worth showcasing is Travis Mathew. Born from the West coast, Travis Mathew has been in business since 2007 and incorporates their California surf and sunshine themes into the designs. This brand features many famous brand ambassadors such as star golfer Jon Rahm and boxer Oscar De La Hoya. it focuses on comfort and style so that you look great for both play and work. 

Design-wise, their polos are traditional design with a slim cut and sizes fitting most body shapes. Their color selections are on the darker and subtle end of the spectrum with some shirts showing tropical-theme prints such as palm trees, pineapples and surfboards. In terms of materials, they are mainly a polyester / cotton blend that allows breathability and a degree of stretch. They are on the mid to high end of the price range, but have great durability. Golfers looking for a classic yet comfortable look will be pleased with the Travis Mathew brand.

9. Puma Golf


Puma is another major brand that has made an impact in the golf shirt space. Sponsoring some big tour pro names like Rickie Fowler and Bryson Dechambeau, Puma has received a lot of spotlight showcasing their bright colors and fun looking designs. If you prefer a more serious and straightforward look, Puma offers shirts with more solid and dark colors as well.

As with most current golf polos, Puma uses moisture wicking technology in their Polyester / Elastane material shirts. This technology keeps any player light, cool and dry on the course. It is also flexible and loose allowing players to swing freely under any condition. We would say Puma polos are priced very reasonably given the quality and designs available. This brand is one of the best deals you can find for yourself.

10. Galvin Green Golf


A lesser known brand is Galvin Green, but they have actually developed golfwear for over 30 years. Their recent designs focus on bringing out the best in golfers while having them look sharp and comfortable. The Galvin Green polos do just that. They are a combination of high levels of breathability, quick-to-dry features and stretchability. These important bases are achieved through Galvin Green’s VENTIL8 Plus technology, which is a version of Nike’s DriFIT, but provides a slightly better level of moisture wicking so golfers can feel their perspirations removed quickly. 

Design-wise, Galvin Green’s shirts are traditional and regular fit, however the color contrasts a quick sharp and certainly stand out. They feature plenty of color combinations suited to all golfers’ preferences. It is more of a luxury brand so the prices are on the higher end, however we’ve found their shirts to be quite durable and worth the money.

11. Waggle Golf


It doesn’t get any louder than the polos from Waggle Golf. There is no such thing as a plain polo with solid colors from these guys. Every one of their polos feature prints and vibrant colors showing anything from sharks, roosters, elephants to floral prints and tropical plants. If you’re looking for polos that accentuate your inner colors and make you stand out on the course or in the clubhouse, look no further than Waggle Golf polos.

These polos are made with a polyester / spandex blend and have moisture wicking capabilities. They also feature an athletic cut fitting the body shape nicely yet leaving enough room to swing freely. Another positive point is these shirts fall on the mid-range price point, so they are quite affordable. As the website name says, get your waggle on and spiff up your golf attire with their polos.

12. Lacoste Golf


It’s hard not to highlight Lacoste’s golf polos in our article since this is another classic brand with decades of history. Their polos have been around before most of us were born and feature the iconic crocodile logo. Lacoste still sells their classic cotton classic polos with solid colors, but have since modernized by adding designs with breathable materials and more color patterns. 

The newer Lacoste polos feature polyester / elastane material combination that is both breathable with stretch capabilities. In terms or color and patterns, their designs are fairly simple yet classic. Bottom line, you will feel comfortable and look classy playing your best on the course.

13. Psycho Bunny


A fun polo with a fun name and logo. Psycho Bunny can come off sounding like a name with wild and crazy shirt design. This can’t be more incorrect, but their polo line is not boring either. Their polos are a traditional design with a slim cut, but where they are different are their choice of colors. The mixtures and color contrasts are quite sharp and their bunny logo is feature on the left chest of every shirt.

In terms of material, their polos are a mixture of cotton and polyester, but they are lightweight and very breathable. Psycho Bunny has many reviews for it as a durable brand, which is not surprising given the higher price point. However, if you’re looking for shirts that last but are also simple yet standout, Psycho Bunny is a great choice.

14. Devereux


Relaxation and lifestyle are the best words to describe polos from Devereux. They combine classic designs with modern fits and creative looking patterns and colors. Devereux is a smaller golf apparel designer that aims for the younger age group who prefer a more “hip” look. Their polos feature prints ranging from tropical to floral to even whiskey glasses in a variety of colors. There is no shortage of ideas.

Made from a polyester / spandex blend, these shirts are very comfortable and efficient at moisture wicking. Not only can they be worn on the golf course, they look great as casual wear off the course as well. This shirt is also reasonably priced for the design and materials that you get. We’d say this is certainly a brand to be excited about.

15. Matte Grey


Led by former NCAA All-American and professional golfer Travis Johnson, Matte Grey is a brand that suits the needs for serious golfers looking for performance and fashion. This brand focuses on functionality and identity that is unique to every golfer. For that reason, these polos are quite classy looking. They are a looser fit and but certainly more relaxed than slim cut brands. 

The Matte Grey shirt color offerings are overall light with both classic and modern patterns, depending what you choose. Most of their shirts are made from the popular polyester / elastane fabric combination that give a high level of breathability. With that, the shirts are also light and very comfortable. Matte Grey shirts will have you look great on any course and are also quite affordable too.

16. Mizzen & Main


Made “ph-amous” by its partnership with Phil Mickelson, Mizzen & Main has jumped onto the golf polo scene in recent years with some great shirts. Actually, the brand been around for many years but has specialized mainly in dress shirts for office wear. That classy look with sharp yet simple colors is now translated into the Phil Mickelson Polo line giving golfers that same look and feel on the course. 

Made with performance fabric combined with cooling technology and anti-microbial features, these polos will keep you cool and dry under any course conditions. The combination of polyester and spandex in these polos allow for the higher level of breathability and stretch so golfers can swing as they please. Mizzen & Main polos are priced on the higher end, but there have been countless reviews about it’s high durability, so we figure it is worth the money.

Golf Shirt Buying Guide

When you head out to shop for your golf wardrobe, it all boils down to what you like. This great game has become quite fashionable in recent years. If you’re drawn to the more formal look, there are plenty of polo designs for that style. If you like a more casual style, similar to your color choices in social settings, there isn’t any kind of style or color you can’t find. 

For example, I have my share of traditional golf polo with a sharp collar, short sleeves, conservative colors and a looser fit. I also have casual band polos that are a tighter fit with brighter colors. I tend to stick with brands I am familiar with and have worn for years as I have become used to fit. However, I’m always curious about other available brands.

Building your golf shirt collection can be a fun thing. Grab your buddies and see which colors look best on you. Maybe you guys play on a team and you want to have matching shirts. The best way to figure it out is to go out, shop and try some shirts on. Below, we provide you with some things to think about before you purchase your new stylish golf wear.

Qualities to Look for in Golf Polos

Golf Shirt Style

Such is life, its what you make of it. Same goes for you when shopping for your golf shirts. Style should represent who you are and what makes you unique so you can be yourself on and off the course. As mentioned, there are no shortage in colors and designs for golf shirts these days, you just need to know what are the best available brands.

Golf Shirt Comfort

This quality goes hand in hand with the next topic of breathability. We believe every golfer should feel great wearing their apparel on the course, and that the clothing should not hinder their swing. Modern golf shirts are made with durable yet stretchy material such as polyester that feel soft and comfortable. The flexibility keeps you swinging free anywhere on the course. We encourage you to shop and try on multiple shirts to figure out the best size and cut for your body shape.

Golf Shirt Breathability

This quality is a given in today’s golf shirts. In the past, golf shirts used to be made of thicker cotton material that can have any golfer swelter during a hot round. In present day, golf shirts are typically made of polyester, which is light and offers moisture-wicking capabilities to keep you as dry and comfortable as possible. Today’s golf shirts are also fairly stretch and fits slightly loose so you can swing freely and hit your best shots. We recommend you stay away from the old school polos. It’s always good to stay cool and calm during any round.


We understand that golf can get pricy with all the equipment you need to buy. The good news is that high quality golf shirts will last you a few years even if you have to fork up $100 or more for one. Cheaper golf shirts that are between $50-$75 are usually made of cheaper material, which is understandable. Brand names who use better quality materials will charge more, however we believe the investment upfront is totally worth it.


Durability can be a difficult quality to figure out. From experience we feel shirts made of polyester are more durable than cotton. After many cycles in the wash, cotton golf shirts do wear out faster. To know which shirts are more durable than others, it is best to shop around, try a bunch of shirts on and judget by feel for yourself.


We went over 16 different golf brands in this article and we understand this is just the tip of the iceberg, with different golf clothing start-ups out there every day! If we have missed a great brand, feel free to drop a comment and let us know!

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